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Tiles for the balcony: ideas for design

Tiles for the balcony: ideas for design

In modern apartments the balcony has long ceased to be just a place to store unnecessary things. Designers consider it as an integral part of the living room, where it is also good to spend some time and relax. At the same time, the size of the balcony does not play a big role, because even on a small area it will be possible to create a cozy corner for all family members. In our article we will tell you how to transform a balcony in your apartment.


Materials for work

Porcelain stoneware and wall tiles will be the most suitable materials for decorating the balcony. For example, with the help of porcelain stoneware it is possible to quickly put in order the floor. Linoleum and other similar materials can fade in the sun, but porcelain stoneware, even after a long time, will not lose its characteristics. This applies to the tiles used to decorate the walls. Moreover, daily care for such tiles will not be a problem. In addition, designers recommend use these materials especially in terms of fire safety.

An office with the city view


The balcony is quite suitable for organizing a full-fledged workplace where adults can finish important projects, and children can finish their lessons.


Make a personal office here is quite simple.

The table can be positioned opposite a window or by the side wall of a balcony.

Also, do not forget to put a lamp on the table or fix it on the wall to provide the room with light and give it more comfort.


In this case you have to choose the color of porcelain stoneware and wall tiles very wisely.

Light grey or beige will help you to focus on your work better. A good option is concrete effect tiles.

With such material book racks and shelves on a balcony will be well combined easily.

A quiet place


Many people dream of having such a place at home where they could be alone for a short while, sit in silence, watch the rain or enjoy the sunset. Making a balcony into a small lounge area will be quick enough.

The main thing is not to clutter up the place with furniture, since it should be spacious.

One table and a pair of chairs will be enough. Designers advise trying another option too.

You can place a small sofa or a bench near the side wall, complementing the interior with a small coffee table.


To design such an interior, wood effect porcelain stoneware is perfect. It will add coziness to the place and make it more comfortable.


You can also decorate the balcony with flowers or accessories made from natural materials such as linen, cotton, wood or clay.

A bright room for kids


If the balcony is made well coldproof, then it can become another room for your kids or their personal play area. T

here you can set up a table for drawing and made places for storing numerous toys.

The hammock or hanging chair will complement the interior in an original way. Just be sure to install the locks on the windows so that the kids cannot open them.


You can safely experiment with the design of such a room and give preference to tiles in bright and saturated colors.

The interior should be colorful, evoke a feeling of joy and lightness.

The use of porcelain stoneware and wall tiles, by the way, in such a case will be a very practical option.

These materials are quite resistant to possible mechanical damage and easy in cleaning.

Home greenhouse


On the balcony you can create a real garden that will delight you at any time of the year.

However, the flowers should be placed in a way that they do not occupy the entire space.

For this purpose, you can use special hanging shelves and multi-level racks that fit well into the interior in any style. You can place flowers, of course, along the entire windowsill too.

As for the choice of the plants, remember that it should depend on the room’s temperature and lighting.


For the decoration we advise you to use stone effect porcelain stoneware or wood effect wall tiles.

These materials emphasize the natural beauty of flowers and make them a central element in the interior.

Just choose the shades that suit your atmosphere more.

A wide range of Italon porcelain stoneware and wall tiles will allow you to quickly find all the necessary materials to design your balcony. You can find the store nearest you in the special section Dealer Locator” on our website.