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Realized #Italon Project – MMA Fighter Apartment

The famous blogger and MMA fighter Artem Tarasov, from St. Petersburg, is used to travelling with his family and comes across a great variety of different realities. Their new apartment interior was commissioned to Semyon Samarin, who was asked to create a comfortable, functional and well organized space, with the vibe of a luxury hotel.

The designer pitched a concept inspired by modern classic style: a neoclassical foundation with unique wall decors and a dominant perception of symmetry; plus, bright and shiny surfaces with refined golden brass. While Tarasov initially asked for indoor marble surfaces, practical reasons led the designer toward the choice of porcelain stoneware.


Living room, dining room and kitchen area form a large open space with continuity of style, thanks to Calacatta & Imperiale, 59×59, lux porcelain tiles from the Charme Evo collection. The hallway leading to bedroom and bathrooms is enriched by the elegance of Charme Perl Insert Loop marble decor, 59×59 with lux finishing.

The backsplash and shower wall both proudly display Hexagon Calacatta marble mosaic, 25×29, in line with the overarching theme of the project. Such an abundance of light-toned and glossy surfaces make the interior feel bright all throughout the day, while furniture and clear textile accessories provide great warmth.

Design: studio “Riseberg Architect”, architect: Semyon Samarin (

Photo: Maxim Maximov