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Italon Home Bookcases Now on Sale!

We are pleased to announce that, starting this month, Italon Home Bookcases are available for purchase. We’re launching two different models: the highly capacious Opera, and the more compact Trinity.

All you need to do is choose a model and pick your favorite kind of porcelain stoneware for the shelves. In three to four weeks this exclusive piece of Italon furniture will decorate your indoor space. A refined object from our Italon Home collection to make every environment stand out, creating a unique atmosphere.


You can buy Italon Home side tables, shower trays, and water basins from our authorized dealers. Go to our official website to discover our range of products and choose the items that better fit in with your furniture and unique style.


Italon Home is an exclusive brand of designer furniture, furnishing accessories and bathroom fixtures, elevating Italon porcelain stoneware as the key element, innovating the concept of contemporary design.

Italon’s great variety of surfaces, sizes, colors, effects and finishings will help you customize each project according to your taste and needs.


Choose between the luxurious marble and stone effects, or the minimalistic concrete effect porcelain tiles. Whatever your pick may be, it will enhance the look of your furnished environment.

The design for Italon Home’s furniture collections is made in Italy and manufactured with the utmost attention to details, which will truly make your settings unique. Furnishing accessories can be combined so to reflect your room’s surface, achieving great harmony of interior design, or it could be chosen to create contrast and attain a dynamic environment.

You can buy Italon tiles and Italon Home furniture from our authorized dealers.