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Новый раздел где купить на официальном сайте плитки италон шоурумы italon

Our new “Dealer locator” is online!

We are happy to announce that our new «DEALER LOCATOR» on the Italon official site is already online! And now it is much useful and user-friendly! Now you can find there not only where to buy porcelain tiles and the contact details of the official Italon dealers, but you can also send them an e-mail, look the photos of the store and get the directions to it! Just select your city from the list or enter it in the search bar.

Pay attention that next to some showrooms on the “Dealer Locator” you can find the Italon Academia logo. That means that this showroom has an Italon professional training certificate. And there you will find highly qualified personnel who will be able to provide professional advice and answer all your questions regarding Italon products.


Italon Academia is an exclusive Italon e-learning project that gives to its authorized sales points an opportunity to get up-to-date information about ceramics and improve the staff’s qualifications thanks to the knowledge of all the details of Italon’s porcelain stoneware and wall tiles.

новый где купить на официальном сайте плитки италон образовательный портал италон академия

But we have more news for you! Next to some shops on our “Dealer Locator”  you will find another logo – Italon Experience. It means that it is designed directly by the Italon’s Marketing Team. Here you can find our latest collections, see the latest trends in ceramics and interior design.

ITALON EXPERIENCE is a “visual narrative” that aims to communicate the concept of collection through all marketing tools. So that Italon collections always remain faithful to the communication project from the catalog to design of the showroom.

новый где купить на официальном сайте плитки италон шоурум италон экспириенс