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Project #Italon – Eco Dark Bathrooms in Tribeca Residential Complex

Dark-colored interiors are often considered brutal and masculine, many people consider them uncomfortable and not suitable for rest, tranquility and comfort. Designer Maria Kalina proved all those statements wrong and created cozy and expressive bathrooms for an active couple with a small child.

She turned the bathroom into a comfortable spa area for rest and relaxation. The combination of materials from the Millennium and Loft became a perfect foundation for such an interior.

The bathtub area is decorated with the darkest concrete color Millennium Black 60×60 with matt finish and Loft Tatami Pepper 40×80 with the effect of wooden slats, while in the other part of the bathroom you see concrete-effect porcelain stoneware two tones lighter –Millennium Silver 60×120 with matt finish. The center of the composition takes a black and white bathtub and a round wall panel with stabilized moss and backlight.

The petrified wood sink and live-edge wood mirror emphasize the love of the owners of the apartment for natural materials. For the second bathroom, the designer also used a combination of two shades from Millennium collection: Black and Silver concrete effect porcelain stoneware in the 60×120 format with matt finish, while the shower area was decorated with dark wood-effect tiles Loft Pepper 20×160 with matt finish.


Design – Maria Kalina (@kalina.arch)

Photo – Olga Melekestseva

Style – Yulia Chebotar