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Realized #Italon Project – Family Residence Near St. Petersburg

A country house with an area of 1,800 sq.m. in an elite neighborhood of the Leningrad Region with its own pool; meant to ensure a comfortable lifestyle to several generations. Therefore, it was important to create an interior that is not subject to fleeting fashion and time; an interior that will retain its original appearance and relevance for decades.

Natural, high-quality materials are predominantly featured, with Italon porcelain stoneware in almost every room. As for the style, the designers chose a bright classic interior design with art deco elements, which the customer really likes. Wood was also heavily featured as a decorative element in order to create a cozy feeling despite the scale of the project.

Let us tell you more about the design of the premises in the house.


An exquisite and functional entrance hall provides a first impression of the owner of the house, smoothly transitioning into a spacious hall. Along the perimeter, the common space is framed by luxurious decors, Laza Intarsio Angolo 59x59 and Laza Intarsio Fachia 59x59 with lux finish from the Charme Extra collection; the center is decorated with a panel made with Laurent Mosaic Polygon 28.5x21. The hallways and kitchen continue the motif of porcelain stoneware carpets, while the transitions between them feature the glossy Charme Extra Laurent 60x60.

The living room and dining room are filled with coziness and warmth, and tied together by a light floor made with porcelain stoneware from Charme Extra Laza 60x120 with matt finish. The dining room’s interior is perfectly symmetrical: caissons on the ceiling and display cabinets around the window were arranged to be so. The room is also crowned with an elegant chandelier. Magnificent silk wallpaper serves as a bright accent in this restrained, slightly ascetical space.

The elegant parents’ and children’s bathrooms were decorated with marble effect tiles, Statuario 60×60 from Charme Evo in matt and lux finishes, which were complemented by black tozzetto inserts from Charme Black with a lux finish.


In one of the guest bathrooms, located next to the kitchen, the focus shifts to one item: the shelving unit, which was made according to the sketches of the designers. It looks like a painting in a large volumetric frame, almost like a portal to a magical world that invites you to submerge into its beauty. The walls feature expressive glossy porcelain stoneware, Charme Extra Laurent 60x120 with a lux finish.


A private spa area with a large pool is a must-have for a comfortable lifestyle in a country house. The panoramic windows offer impressive views of the picturesque park, and plenty of natural light allows you to feel in complete harmony with the environment. Therefore, the designers created a laconic and restrained design that follows a concept of unity with nature. At the same time, they did not forget about safety: the floor in the pool area was laid with porcelain stoneware Climb Rock 30×60 with a non-slip textured finish.


We cannot help but admire this spacious bright setting, which highlights the majestic nature of the building’s architecture and conveys the high status and good taste of the owners.

Design: Interior Studio Dinamika Architects, Sergey Klochkov