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120×278 Maxi-Format: Adhesives

Welcome back to an ongoing series of articles devoted to the specifics of working with the maxi-format 120×278. Today, together with MAPEI RUSSIA and professionals  @instabur.pro and @masterplitka, we will talk about which adhesives should be used and how to apply them correctly.


For the installation of maxi-format tiles on the wall, it is very important to thoroughly prepare the base. Please note that for a high-quality result, the base must be even, clean, dust-free, cured, without cracks.


Also, for laying slabs of maxi-format 120×278, it is necessary to use highly deformable adhesives for porcelain stoneware class S2 . We especially note that for an ideal result, you must strictly follow the instructions from the manufacturer and observe the correct technique for applying the adhesive. See the video for details.

Below we list the most important points:


1.Carefully prepare the base. It must be clean, even, cured, free of dust and cracks.


2.Use only highly deformable S2 class porcelain stoneware adhesives.

For work, you will need a standard set of tools – an electric mixer, a trowel, a spatula and a measuring bucket with clean water. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


3.When working with the maxi-format, it is necessary to use the technique of double adhesive application: both on the base and on the back side of the tile.

Note that the adhesive must be applied in the same direction to both the base and the tile, always parallel to the short side of the slab. This provides the smallest air outlet from under the slab.


4.Thoroughly apply the adhesive to the base, spread it with a notched trowel parallel to the short side of the tile.

There is a rule on how to choose the right pair of trowels for the adhesive. The sum of the height of the notches on the trowel for the base and on the trowel for the tile must range from 14 mm to 16 mm. For example, one is 10 mm and another is 6 mm, or 10 mm and 4 mm, etc.

5.Avoid leaving empty hollow spaces when applying adhesive. The entire surface must be covered with adhesive. This will ensure the best possible laying result and reliable exploitation.


6.Place the large-format slab next to the wall section to be installed. Using a trowel, spread the adhesive along the back of the board parallel to the short side.


7.Now the slab of maxi-format 120×278 is ready for installation, you can start laying it on the wall.


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