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Realized #Italon Project – Urban Apartment with Natural Motives

Nature is something that city dwellers lack so much.

Natural shades and textures will give any interior a welcoming atmosphere and make it environmentally friendly.


The completed project by Anastasia Ozerova is a great example of how to do it with Italon porcelain stoneware.


Once you enter the apartment, you find yourself in a beautiful space filled with natural light. The closet with lush green facades immediately draws attention. It sets the right mood from the first glance. The floor in the hallway features stone-effect porcelain stoneware, Materia Carbonio 60×120, with a honed satin finish.


Visually, the tile has a pronounced slate texture, but thanks to the honed satin finish it is smooth and pleasant to the touch.


Next, you find yourself in a spacious kitchen-living room with a snow-white kitchen. On the kitchen backsplash she used glossy marble-effect porcelain stoneware, Charme Evo Statuario 60×120, with a lux finish, making the kitchen cabinets look as laconic as possible, as if they melted right into the white walls.


Now let’s take a look at the bathrooms: this apartment has one and a half bathrooms, which are decorated in a similar style with marble-effect tiles from the Charme Evo collection.

The bathroom walls feature glossy Charme Evo Statuario 60×120 with lux finish paired with wood-effect tiles, Maison Walnut 20×120  with matt finish. On the floor we find Charme Evo Imperiale 60×120 with matt finish. The half bathroom has a more strict design with a contrasting duet of Statuario & Antracite.


Design – Anastasia Ozerova

Photo – Evgeny Gnesin