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Where to buy porcelain stoneware?

Porcelain stoneware by Italon is well known among specialists. It is distinguished not only by diverse design, which allows you to create unique interior solutions. It also has good technical characteristics, including wear resistance, resistance to chemical attack and stains. We will tell you where to buy the porcelain stoneware without the risk of being deceived.

Official dealers

First of all, we advise you to look for information about Italon sales points on our website.

In the special section DEALER LOCATOR , you will find a list of all authorized dealers. In the search bar, enter the name of your city and select the nearest store. You can get all necessary information on our dealer locator: an address, phone number and directions to the store.


Pay special attention to the fact that next to the certain showrooms there is the logo “Italon Academia”. It means that these dealers are actively involved in our e-learning program. Italon Academia is an exclusive Italon e-learning project that gives to its authorized sales points an opportunity to get up-to-date information about ceramics and improve the staff’s qualifications thanks to the knowledge of all the details of Italon’s porcelain stoneware and wall tiles.

It is a guarantee that there you will get professional advices to choose the perfect porcelain stoneware for your project.


The advantages of buying porcelain from authorized dealers:

  • Reliability,
  • Prices from the manufacturer,
  • Ability to get advices from experts.


For those who did not found a store in their city or prefer online shopping, we recommend visiting our online store shop.italonceramica.ru, the link to which you will also find in a special section on our website. There you can quickly make all the necessary purchases if you have already chosen the porcelain stoneware for design. Those who are still in search, can carefully examine the entire range of materials, find the right sizes and buy everything online in just a couple of minutes.

The advantages of buying porcelain stoneware in the online store:

  • Saving of time as it is possible to make the order anytime and everywhere,
  • A wide range of products with a detailed description of all characteristics,
  • Convenient delivery.

Using one of these methods, you can buy high quality porcelain stoneware by Italon for different solutions.