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уличный керамогранит italon x2 для ландшафтного дизайна и экстерьеров

Italon X2 at Garden Festival “Sady nad Kamoy” in Perm

The first Garden Festival “Sady nad Kamoy” takes place from 14 to 28 July in Perm.

The aim of the festival is to improve the city, make it more comfortable and beautiful. The designers decorated the central square of the city and showed non-standard garden design techniques using particular materials.

Designer Galina Pashkovskaya realized her ideas using outdoor tiles Italon X2 in her project “The Power of Life”. Outdoor 2cm tiles X2 is the ideal solution for walkways for courtyards, parks and gardens: it is not only resistant and beautiful, but it is easy to lay on the grass or on the gravel!

“Sady nad Kamoy” is a unique event for Perm: every day there are interesting presentations and lessons about gardening and landscape architecture – design, construction and international “green” architecture, as well as on modern trends in landscape design and engineering.

If you are from Perm, come and have a look at the Gardens over festival Kama! Admission free!

Our official dealer in Perm “Art Petra” offered the Italon X2 outdoor tiles for the garden project “The power of Life” Galina Pashkovskaya.