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59×59 lux —>60×60 lux

We are glad to announce the long-awaited transition of Italon porcelain stoneware with lux finishing from the 59×59 nominal size to the 60×60 format. This will allow for the combination of different types of finishings on a single surface and the laying of tiles with seamless transitions from walls to floors.

Please note that the following collections will NOT be affected by this change:



Porcelain stoneware tiles with lux finishing from these collections will continue to be manufactured in the 59×59 nominal size.

However, it is IMPORTANT to remember that 60×60 is also a nominal size. The actual size is determined by the caliber and always differs from the nominal downward. In this case, for this specific format, the primary caliber is “6”, meaning that the actual size is 596x596mm.

This information can always be found on the products’ packaging, and you can always ask store managers in our showrooms before purchasing your tiles.

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