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Realized #Italon Project – Apartment for a Family of Doctors in Krasnodar

“A timeless and cozy mix of styles and design solutions” would probably be the best way to describe Dariana Khachatryan’s latest project: the contemporary interior of an apartment designed in modern classic fashion.


The same surface was used for the flooring of all rooms (kitchen, corridor, hallway and part of the living room). The finishing material of choice was marble effect porcelain stoneware, from Italon’s Charme Extra Laurent and Charme Evo Calacatta 60×60 with matt finishing.


The kitchen backsplash, on the other hand, proudly exhibits stunning marble effect tiles from Charme Extra Lasa, 60×120 with lux finishing.


Using such refined materials, the finished project could not turn out to be anything short of elegantly gorgeous!


The bathroom is also worth mentioning, thanks to the spectacular combination of 30×30 mosaics in two colors, Gold and Platinum, slate effect tiles from Materia Carbonio & Magnesio, 60×120 cm with honed satin finishing, and wood effect tiles from Maison Honey, 20×120 cm with matt finishing.


Design Dariana Khachatryan

PhotoDenis Pedan