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The Updated Italon Home Website

Our Italon Home website for furniture and sanitary ware has been updated! It’s become even more user-friendly and we’ve added tons of new information. You will find all the necessary details about our exclusive Italon Home products.

Italon Home is a fast growing project by Italon: its refined interior furniture and sanitary ware create countless new design possibilities with Italon porcelain stoneware. What’s great about it, is that you can pick any surface from an existing Italon collection, and decide to have your furniture or sanitary ware be manufactured with it. This way, you can always pick an option that will fit your environment, either matching your floorings and walls or creating a creative accent through contrasting finishings.




  • In the Range of products section, you can learn about Italon Home products and become familiar with our vast range of items, you can find prices and, most importantly, pick the designer furniture that better suits you. Then, through our smart configurator, you can design the surface of your future Italon Home product: just select an item, then pick your color, effect, and finishing. Alternatively, you can select an existing collection of porcelain stoneware from the list. After you hit apply, you will see the final look of your unique product. You will then find a downloadable PDF file with all the details of the selected furniture model, and the information about the tiles used for its lining. Simply bring this document with you to the showroom to place your order.
  • In the FAQ section, we have collected the most common questions about Italon Home porcelain stoneware furniture and sanitary ware. You will find very useful information about how to place an order, manufacturing time, technical characteristics, and other important things you should know before you actually place your order.
  • If you have additional questions, visit the Contact us page and send them over. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible to help you solve any problem you might be experiencing.
  • If you are ready to buy Italon Home porcelain stoneware furniture, search for the nearest authorized showroom through our Dealer Locator. Please bear in mind that original Italon Home products can only be purchased from authorized dealers.



Its performances and technical characteristics guarantee the manufacturing of functional, durable and stunning furniture. Porcelain stoneware is:

  • Stain and damage resistant;
  • Hygienic and hypoallergenic;
  • Non-toxic and extremely safe;
  • Low maintenance and super easy to care for;
  • Water resistant (meaning it is not affected by prolonged water exposure);
  • Resistant to various chemicals;
  • Resistant to high temperatures.


This applies to all Italon Home items.




Currently, Italon Home’s catalog includes:


Read our article, Italon Home Products Catalog, to find out more about our full range of products!