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Groove: a compendium of inspirations

Groove by Italon is an unprecedented ceramic collection. Aged reclaimed woods team with colorful covering materials in contemporary nuances to create a new, contemporary style that is hugely versatile. It is completed by floral decorations, mosaics and wallpaper effects.


Strong-willed soul

The collection comes in four different shades of wood, which allows to create completely different styles in the interior:

  • Milk
  • Ash
  • Dark
  • Blend

Four shades, from dark through grey and multi-colored to light, are available in two sizes: 20×120 and 9.5×60 cm. Raw yet warm wood-effect ceramics that share the aim of reflecting multifaceted personalities.

Versatile vocation

Perfectly complements the Groove collection  Element Silk , thanks to which the walls take a charismatic role in the interior. It comes in the four shades:

  • Argilla
  • Titanio
  • Neve
  • Petrolio

Colors play the part of accessories, and the new nuances bring an extra-expressive touch to settings, helping to define their identity.


Striking impact


Silkily enveloping decorative patterns, combining with shades of  Element Silk , fascinate with their graphics. They are available in the following options:

  • Foliage
  • Bouquet
  • Biscuit
  • Ninfea

These decorative patterns blend smoothly with the plain color palette, shifting from floral to geometric to meet a rich variety of design requirements.

Minimal rigour

A combination of clean-cut elements takes shape in the following decors:

  • Edge
  • Brick
  • Mosaico Strip.

The versatile shapes give free rein to creativity, allowing for perspective effects, contrasts and eloquent, sensual style solutions.

Groove in combination with the Element Silk collection will create a stylish design with a unique atmosphere. Elegant interior solutions will make any space luxurious and stylish.