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Skyfall: the richness of sobriety

Skyfall  combines the sober appeal of Alpine stone with the natural look of wood to create environments of enveloping design where clean lines contrast with the warmth of authentic, precious comfort. The collection offers an original range of ideas for exclusive applications in residential and commercial buildings.

Luxury hotel

Skyfall is ideal for hotel interior design. The Italon collection provides an opportunity to create a cozy space filled with incredible calm and warmth. Design exclusivity is achieved through a combination of surfaces, formats and shades. Thanks to the collection, the interior of the hotel becomes one amazing environment. Architecture is combined with decoration materials, making them the basis for the design of halls, suites, spa areas and outdoor spaces.

For the decoration of the suites stone effect porcelain stoneware Grigio Alpino and wood effect tiles Larice will be suitable. These materials complement each other perfectly. The combination not only looks interesting, but also helps to highlight functional areas or to place accents in space. At the same time, it is recommended to decorate the bathroom in the room with an unusual combination of Grigio Alpino and Blue Texture. This will make the design unique.

Grigio Alpino is perfect for the spa area. This strict saturated gray shade fits into any minimalist interior, where the main emphasis is on conciseness. If you wish, you can complement it with a porcelain tile décor Grigio Brik 3D or mosaic matching in shade.

Particular attention in hotels is usually given to the design of outdoor spaces. For these purposes, we recommend paying attention to X2 outdoor porcelain stoneware. For example, Grigio Alpino X2 is a great option for exteriors. 60×60 format emphasizes strict brevity, and a structured surface and an increased thickness of 2 cm allow you to create safe open-air areas.

Designer apartments

Skyfall is a collection of ample, transverse taste, capable of adding rationality, functionality and emotion to all architectural contexts, creating floors and walls of unrivalled emotive impact. In the designer apartment, where luxury means freedom of living, materials are intertwined in a back and forth of shapes and colors, leading to absolute originality.

In the living room area, the exclusivity of the design will be emphasized by the elegant combination of Nero Smeraldo and Palissandro. Inspired by the snow-capped peaks of the mountains, Nero Smeraldo is distinguished by a rich dark color, which light streaks harmoniously dilute. At the same time wood effect porcelain tile Palissandro imitates in detail the mesmerizing graphics of the rosewood. Successfully in harmony with these materials will be the decor Nero Block, which is a strict combination of forms and materials.

Palissandro and Nero Smeraldo create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. This is a space where you really want to relax. For decoration, we propose to use porcelain stoneware in the format 20×160. Stacking it is easier. In addition, you can do it without many laying seams.

The Skyfall collection is perfect for bathroom design. In this case, you can also use a harmonious combination of Nero Smeraldo and Palissandro. However, to get a truly incredible effect, we recommend adding the Nero Tatami decor and the Moka Texture. The interior will look even more elegant.

Skyfall focuses on natural beauty. Amazing stone, complemented by the warmth of wood, gives a chance to realize unique combinations of textures, shades and surface types in the design.