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Italon Maxi-Size: 120X278

Large-format porcelain stoneware is one of the hottest trends in interior design, so we believe it is about time that the maxi-size gets the spotlight and the attention it deserves.


We are happy to say the new format is already available as part of the Italon range, and that it is an increasingly popular choice when trying to part ways with wallpaper in bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms.


If you are looking for useful information about working with a 120×278 slab, you will find everything that interests you in the page about the maxi size!


We also filmed a video and shared the most important details about transporting and maneuvering, machining, applying glue and installing maxi-format tiles, 120×278.


Please note that the specifics of working with the 120×278 maxi-format must be taken into account while designing your project.


It is crucial to know all the important steps that affect the quality of installation and the final result. For example, the availability of the required space for maneuvering, and the specialized tools necessary for transfer and storage.


It is also essential to contact highly qualified professionals who have experience working with such material.

Italon currently offers the maxi-size, 120×278 slabs, in 13 colors. Ten shades are marble effect tiles in a glossy Lux finish and the rest are concrete effect porcelain tiles with matt finish.


  • Charme Advance Collection: Platinum White
  • Charme Deluxe Collection: Bianco Michelangelo, Arabescato White, Invisible White, Statuario Fantastico, Sahara Noir.
  • Collection Charme Extra: Laza.
  • Collection Charme Evo: Statuario, Calacatta, Imperiale.
  • Millennium Collection: Pure, Silver, Black.


To find our new page with information about the maxi-format, 120×278 slabs, go to the menu on our official website, Products> More Information> Maxi-Size 120×278.


If you are looking for where to buy maxi format porcelain stoneware, check out the “showrooms” section. You will find the nearest authorized dealer.