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How To Decorate a One-Bedroom Apartment

The design of a one-bedroom apartment is particularly difficult as you have to implement convenient, practical and stylish interior solutions in a very small area. In this article, we will tell you how to arrange a one-bedroom apartment and which tiles to choose to make your home look fresh and relevant.




In modern residential complexes, special attention is paid to the cleanliness of common areas and elevators. For this reason, you can forget about stereotypical hallways that are dull, dark and practical, and feel free to go for lighter shades.

Light shades play a key role in the design of a one-bedroom apartment since they allow you to visually expand the room, and make it airier.

Don’t hesitate to choose snow-white tiles, they’re ideal for spaces without windows, as they will make everything more spacious and bright.


White marble effect tiles from the Charme Deluxe, Charme Extra or Charme Evo collections make for a perfect solution for a small hallway. They create an ideal background that will enhance the look of the contrasting wall or a rich shade of wallpaper. The hallway will gain character and become incredibly comfortable.


If you are still not sure about white in the hallway, we recommend you look into light shades of gray for your tiles.


Concrete effect gray porcelain stoneware tiles from the Millennium, Terraviva or Urban collections are appropriate for the floor and wall finishings.


This is a very practical option for the hallway and not just visually but in terms of its technical characteristics.



We conventionally call this space a “living room”, since in a one-bedroom apartment it combines several functions at once. Here, you can meet guests, relax after a hard day’s work, arrange an extra sleeping place and even a small office. But remember that the right choice of a color scheme is as important as the clever layout.

Similar to a hallway design, it is better to choose materials of light shades or pick a contrasting combo of the light and dark materials for creating various functional zones. In this case, Millennium concrete effect tiles will again come in handy. They are perfect for minimalist interiors. And for the truly unique design combine them with brightly colored tiles from the Surface collection.


We also recommend choosing a Scandinavian-style interior. Pick the Skyfall collection for its implementation, since it has wood-effect porcelain tiles, stone-effect tiles and fabric-effect wall tiles, to bring it to life. The three different textures ideally match each other and create a special, warm atmosphere. They gives sophistication and elegance to even small rooms.


Remember that soft beige materials will also provide comfort to the living room. Incredible in its beauty, beige marble effect porcelain stoneware will add charm and sophistication to the interior. It will look relevant through many years. An alternative to the marble effect will be materials that imitate natural wood. The bright and stylish living room is easy to achieve with wood-effect tiles in soft shades from the Loft collection.



Porcelain stoneware will prove to be an essential material in kitchen design since it’s resistant to temperature extremes, chemicals and easy to clean. We can’t emphasize it enough that materials in light shades are the best solution, they visually increase the space and are suitable for the implementation of any design ideas.

Light marble effect splashbacks from the Charme Deluxe, Charme Extra or Charme Evo collections will bring out the elegance of your chosen kitchen set. Exquisite veins of marble effect porcelain stoneware emphasize your sophisticated taste, and the practicality of the materials allows you to keep your kitchen clean easily.


If you want to embellish the interior, give it interesting accents, but maintain the unified style, then choose a mosaic from the same collection you used for the flooring. This decision will definitely prove to be a win-win. For example, the elegant Invisible Strip 26 × 75 marble effect decor from the Charme Deluxe collection will only emphasize the sophistication of the interior.


We would also want to share a little lifehack. To bring the cleaning time to the minimum, opt for large-format porcelain stoneware in the decoration. The larger the tile format, the fewer grout joints it has, and those are the main culprits for collecting the dirt.

For a small kitchen, you will only need a few 60×120 tiles. Installation is not as difficult as with a porcelain stoneware slab, and holes for sockets can be drilled way easier and without chips.



As for the bathroom, please use this room to let your imagination fly. Feel free to choose whichever shades you think are the best fit for the design. If you combine them wisely, complement them with bright elements and correctly position the light, you could achieve an amazing effect.


In the bathroom, you can safely use wood-effect porcelain stoneware, since it is moisture and wear-resistant, unlike its natural equivalent.

The Room Wood collection elegantly reproduces the soft lines of cherry wood veins in 3 unusual colors that will add sophistication to the interior.

And the tiles from the Loft collection so realistically reveal the beauty of the veins of oak wood that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from natural material.


This year’s trend is the combination of the Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow shades, which the Pantone Color Institute called the main shades in 2021. They are present in the Italon collections. The grey porcelain stoneware from the Terraviva collection is a dynamic material suitable for design projects of varying complexity. If we supplement it with 40×80 wall tiles in Senape color, the interior will turn out to be not only stylish, but also very cozy.


Deep black is also great for decoration. Porcelain stoneware Sahara Noir 60×120 in a honed satin finish from the Charme Deluxe series will look chic even in a small bathroom, due to its pronounced contrasting geometric veins and an incredibly rich shade. Here is a small life hack from the designers.


Supplement such an interior with contrasting light furniture and direct the light correctly, to avoid the room looking gloomy.

You can purchase all the necessary materials for decorating a one-bedroom apartment in Italon showrooms. The “SHOWROOMS” section contains all the information that will help you easily find the nearest outlet. There you will have the chance to choose the right product and get expert advice.