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Realized #ITALON Project – Sales Office In Alcon Tower

Alcon Tower is an apartment complex for modern active people. Consequently, designers tried to instill these qualities into their project for the sales office: modern aesthetics, a very expressive nature, friendliness and openness.

The space is inspired by laconic forms and a neutral color palette, with bright accents to create a lively atmosphere, also thanks to bright lighting fixtures.

The office entrance is tied together by the use of Statuario marble effect porcelain stoneware from the Charme Evo collection. Another stylish accent is brought to life by the addition of thoroughly designed lighting patterns following geometric motifs, both on the ceiling and wall panels, as well as on the reception desk.

Statuario stoneware was also used to decorate the bathroom, combined with spectacular, iron-colored, concrete effect tiles from the Millennium collection. The minimalistic and slightly rugged interior style, with a touch of urbanism, is meant to draw attention towards the tower itself with its graceful art deco style.

The atmosphere in the sales office inspires creativity, efficiency, development and fruitful communication.


Design – TSP design studio –

Photo – Boris Bochkarev