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Maxi-Format 120×278: New Catalog Online!

Large format porcelain stoneware is one of the hottest trends in interior design right now. However, that is soon to be outshined by maxi-formats, which are readily available in our latest Italon catalog! We’re looking at incredibly versatile porcelain stoneware that is increasingly replacing wallpaper, finding its way in countless bedrooms and living rooms worldwide.


In April of 2020, Italon introduced the maxi-format 120×278, 6mm thick, in 12 colors: marble effect porcelain stoneware in 9 shades with Lux finish and concrete effect tiles in 3 shades with matt finish.


The new maxi-format, 120×278, provides countless new opportunities for the use of porcelain stoneware! It gives designers the chance to create daring and unique design solutions. The 6mm thickness is also ideal for wall applications, furniture covering, kitchen furniture and bar countertops. Moreover, porcelain stoneware in the 120×278 format is excellent when it comes to outdoor facades.


Large-format slabs of porcelain stoneware achieve the most realistic and detailed level of representation of natural materials such as marble, stone, and concrete. Plus, their highly performing technical characteristics guarantee durable and safe surfaces.


Another advantage of using the 120×278 maxi-format is the possibility of achieving a “one-piece” effect, giving the impression of your surface being made of a single slab. You only need 3 tiles to create a remarkable wall for your living room’s TV area, which will become the center of attention thanks to a much more impressive look than achieved using regular tiles.

We have created a “Maxi-format, 120×278” catalog, featuring the entire range of 120×278 porcelain tiles and everything you need to know about their technical characteristics.

Check out the catalog right now!