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The use of marble in interior design: a fleeting trend or a timeless classic?

Marble is one of the most popular materials in design and architecture. Its unique patterns give interiors depth and elegance. Marble is a timeless classic that will never lose its relevance.

When choosing finishing materials for the house, many people ask themselves what is better: natural marble or porcelain stoneware? To answer this question, it is equally necessary to consider the aesthetics and properties such as durability and ease of care. Of course, nothing can compare with the beauty of genuine marble, but keep in mind that it is a very expensive and finicky material that is easy to damage or scratch. An excellent alternative would be porcelain stoneware, which costs less, lasts longer, has excellent performance characteristics, and looks almost indistinguishable from its natural counterpart.

Faux marble tiles add grandeur and sophistication to projects. They can help you to create a luxurious yet cozy interior. In this article, we will tell you which Italon collections have porcelain stoneware tiles with a marble effect and share designer tips for creating stylish spaces.

A symbol of elegance and flawlessness


Faux white marble tiles on the floor and walls will make the space visually larger and fill it with the light, elegance, and airiness a small space needs. This is what makes faux marble so popular among designers.

Faux white marble tiles range in shade from milky white, cream, and ivory to linen white and mother of pearl. The different shades of white add charm to the interior and serve as an excellent basis for bright accents and a unique design.

Faux white marble tiles also look fabulous with other materials: cozy with wood, stylish with dark stone, and minimalistic with neutral concrete.

Faux marble tiles look especially spectacular in the bathroom.

Just look at the interior by the ARCHIproject studio, which made the Charme Evo Statuario 60×120 porcelain stoneware the centerpiece of a white bathroom.

The bold lines of the Carrara marble emphasize the room’s low-key elegance, creating an atmosphere of harmony and comfort.



Chic and luxury in dark shades


If you are not afraid to experiment, we recommend turning your attention to faux black marble tiles. Many people do not use them for fear of making the room look small, dark, and gloomy. This is a grave misconception, as black interiors look amazing. Back is a color that can transform any room and make it look chic and luxurious.

Black bathroom tiles are becoming more and more popular. Gorgeous patterns and bright veins on a dark background make for eye-catching and sophisticated interiors. Black marble emphasizes a room’s elegance, while properly placed accents such as intelligent lighting and carefully selected bathroom equipment create a captivating atmosphere.

If you are not ready for total black, you can always mix it with other colors.

For its bathroom project, the Bodes studio used a contrasting combination of Invisible White faux white marble tiles and Sahara Noir 60×120 black tiles from the Charme Deluxe collection. Color contrasts are a great way to zone your space and give it a more dazzling look.

The designers have also installed two wash basins in the bathroom. It looks bold and fresh, speeds up the morning routine, and makes sharing a bathroom more pleasant. Family members can use their personal space as they wish by placing toiletries on their side of the wash basin.



A touch of warmth and comfort


Faux beige marble tiles are very practical; they can make a space cozier and create a relaxing atmosphere. They will be a great addition to absolutely any interior. The size of the room also doesn’t matter, as beige will only make it look bigger and airier.

Beige blends well with other shades, so it is suitable both for monochrome interiors and rooms with a richer color palette.

For example, Travertino Romano faux beige marble tiles from the Charme Advance collection will look great in the living room, giving it a unique feel and filling it with harmony. Refined and noble, they will take your breath away with their splendor.



A mix of classics and modernity


A classic or bold combination of brown shades creates a unique and mesmerizing atmosphere. Faux brown marble tiles made of porcelain stoneware are perfect for sophisticated, elegant, and refined spaces.

For example, a combination of large-size Emperador Dark tiles and Arabescato White tiles from the Charme Deluxe collection give the interior an aristocratic polish while not depriving it of homelike comfort.

Faux brown marble is a popular choice both for private and commercial spaces. It is also perfect for posh restaurants and cozy cafes.



The trendy gray


Gray is a classic color that has recently become one of the main trends in interior design. Faux gray marble tiles are very beautiful and practical. They look incredibly stylish and have excellent performance characteristics.

The main feature of faux grey marble tiles made from porcelain stoneware is their eye-catching graphics. They are perfect for creating trendy interiors in private and commercial spaces. For example, Charme Extra tiles in Atlantic color will look magnificent in an elegant and luxurious hotel reception area.

Porcelain stoneware looks immaculate in monochrome interiors and combined with other colors.

In addition, it blends perfectly with wood, as can be seen in the kitchen-diner project by the Bodes studio. The designers have used Charme Evo Anthracite tiles for the backsplash and floor, adding wooden facades to liven up the dark gray kitchen.



In this article, we have introduced you to faux marble porcelain stoneware tiles in a variety of shades and formats in all their glory and splendor. They can be used in design projects of any complexity to make a space unique and elegant. For information about your nearest Italon outlet, see the DEALER LOCATOR section.