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Skyfall: emotional rigour

Skyfall by Italon combines the sober appeal of Alpine stone with the natural look of wood to create environments of enveloping design where clean lines contrast with the warmth of authentic, precious comfort. The collection offers an original range of ideas for exclusive applications in residential and commercial buildings.

Beauty is strength

Skyfall reinterprets three iconic varieties of Alpine stone, modernizing their stylistic contribution to suit international projects.

  • Bianco Paradiso is characterized by deep veining on a white background that recalls the perennial movement of glaciers, making room for an extraordinary visual impact.
  • Grigio Alpino stands out for the sober austerity of its intense grey color and is ideal for rigorously minimalist environments that need no other detail to achieve perfection.
  • Nero Smeraldo is distinguished by the fullness of dark stone criss-crossed by light veining that symbolizes the Lombard peaks that inspired this finish and confers depth and elegance to floors and walls alike.

Natural look

Mountains but also woodlands: Skyfall complements the majesty of stone with the warmth of natural wood, to create unique combinations of materials, surfaces, colors and finishes.


  • Rovere is characterized by oak which is the most distinctive of all wood effects. It brings a unique atmosphere to any room thanks to its linear surface. The ideal combination for Bianco Paradiso.


  • Larice is clean, simple and surprisingly natural. It brightens up rooms and is a perfect match for Grigio Alpino.


  • Palissandro, thanks to its elegant, dark tones, emphasizes Skyfall’s vocation for luxury, especially when it is combined to Nero Smeraldo or used in total look applications.

Large sizes and versatility

Skyfall comes in an impressive range of surfaces, colors, sizes and finishes. Stone effect tiles are available in large sizes, from 60×120 with honed satin finish to 80×160 matt and lux, plus 60×60 X2 for outdoor solutions. For the first time, the range is complemented by stone effect finishing strips in 20×160 matt.

Wood effect tiles come in the typical 20×160 strips for solutions of high creative impact.


The richness of sobriety

The decorative beauty of Skyfall is inspired by a sober, enveloping minimalism, capable of creating atmospheres of rare elegance thanks to the veining and grain effects on the stone and wood inspired tiles.

  • Block embodies the essence of this collection by proposing subtle plays on rigorous forms, and dialogues between materials.
  • Tatami is inspired by Japanese design, representing matter through minimalist symbolism.
  • Brick 3D is characterized by the decorative assertiveness of contemporary wall tiles.
  • Mosaic is the ideal decoration for tone on tone floors.

Textile charm

Available in size 40×80 and two bright colours, the Texture white body wall tile provides a harmonious contrast to stone and wood effect surfaces, adding warmth to scenic living rooms and bathrooms thanks to an old Jacquard textile look reminiscent of charming, far-off worlds.



Skyfall is the top-quality porcelain stoneware collection that features materials that have cohabited functionally and stylishly for centuries in the Alpine regions from which they draw their inspiration.

As a part of Full Design Project, Skyfall is perfect for floors and walls, characterized by a combination of different sizes, finishes and decors for original venues meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.