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5 reasons to choose porcelain stoneware for your project

Nothing can surpass the authentic beauty of marble, granite, wood, stone, and other natural materials. Nothing made by man can match their variability, unique graphics, and exquisite details. They give projects a unique feel, channeling the customer’s taste and highlighting their style. But aside from the charm and aesthetics, there are also the more practical aspects of choice, purchase, installation, and use.

In this article, we will reveal five reasons why you should choose porcelain stoneware for your project, whether you’re working on a house’s interior or a commercial building’s exterior.


Have you ever wondered where you can quickly, affordably, and easily buy the Swiss Grigio Alpino stone in Russia? What about the Carrara marble favored by Italian architects? Or mahogany? Let’s be honest: most of these materials are either out of stock, too expensive, or hard to obtain because of logistical difficulties.

But even if you do choose natural materials, you must be ready for new challenges: special shipping, installation, maintenance, and cleaning technologies.

Alas, natural materials are very capricious and demanding. What if you run out of material, it gets damaged in transit, or the vein on the marble differs from the in-store sample and fails to meet your expectations? This happens a lot with natural materials. Alas, many people forget about these nuances when selecting finishing materials.

With porcelain stoneware, there are much fewer availability and logistics issues; the market has a stable distribution network capable of meeting the needs of any region.


Porcelain stoneware is the shining star of the modern world of finishing materials. It’s almost perfect, and here’s why: modern technology allows us to recreate the look and texture of natural materials — stone, marble, wood, concrete, etc. — with almost flawless accuracy. They’re essentially indistinguishable from the originals! At the same time, we guarantee the pattern’s stability and variability: you won’t find the unexpected “surprises” sometimes present in natural materials in porcelain stoneware graphics.


Natural materials are endowed with a unique warmth and aesthetics, but when choosing them for house repairs and construction, one must take into account their delicacy and the possible presence of imperfections and uneven textures.

The technical and operational characteristics of porcelain stoneware do not change over time and are guaranteed by the manufacturer. It has no potential hidden defects, and its strength remains a constant throughout the course of its life.

This gives architects endless opportunities and allows them to use porcelain stoneware as a finishing material for floors, walls, facades, plinths, and swimming pools, as well as for landscaping. Better still, porcelain stoneware is resistant to UV light, low temperatures, and chemicals used on the streets in winter.


Valuable materials such as wood, marble, and stone require special care to retain their attractive appearance. With porcelain stoneware, it’s the opposite. All the daily cleaning tools you’ll need are warm water and a rag or a mop. Porcelain stoneware’s ease of maintenance makes it an excellent finishing material for tiling floors, walls, kitchen backsplashes, countertops, exterior surfaces, and so on. In addition, porcelain stoneware is ideal for commercial environments such as airports, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, spas, and child care centers, where finishing materials need to be safe, practical, and easy to clean.



Porcelain stoneware’s unique technical characteristics make it suitable both for interior and outdoor spaces and for cladding furniture (sinks, coffee tables, shelves, etc.). This gives you unlimited design options and allows you to create exclusive spaces.

We have listed five main advantages of porcelain stoneware that make it a great finishing material. However, the list could go on and on. Porcelain stoneware makes the materials unavailable in our market available again. For example, where in Russia can you buy Murano glass for interior design or the noble Sahara Noir marble from southern Italy? Unfortunately, many materials are out of stock and are not widely used in architecture, not to mention the cost of genuine marble, granite, and premium wood. Porcelain stoneware, on the other hand, offers the perfect balance between a realistic, stylish appearance and affordability.

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