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Italon Home Furniture and Sanitary Ware: Made to Impress

The unique characteristics of porcelain stoneware allow for it to be used for more than just floors and wall coverings; it is also a great fit when it comes to furniture and other objects. Interiors can get that wholesome look with the help of furniture and fixtures made of porcelain stoneware from Italon Home. This premium line of designer furniture was developed in Italy, ensuring that all products can perfectly serve as bright accents in a space or, on the contrary, match the walls and floors, emphasizing continuity of style.


For now, the Italon Home range features the bookcases Opera and Trinity, coffee tables Lounge and Square, sinks Cube and Fly, and shower tray Diamond.



  • Excellent Italian design;
  • Possibility of custom design with porcelain stoneware of your choice;
  • Strength and durability of the surface;
  • Resistance of porcelain stoneware to scratches and chips;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Resistance to chemical detergents and stains;
  • Material that does not accumulate bacteria;
  • An environmentally friendly and safe material that does not cause allergies.


In addition, the furniture and sanitary ware brand, Italon Home, will transform any interior and help create a unique atmosphere in any space.



The compact Trinity or the voluminous Opera? Both will add a touch of exclusivity to your cozy interior; they are perfect for books storage, but also as stylish accessories for your home.


Porcelain stoneware is more than simply beautiful: it is a versatile and practical material, ideal for covering shelves.


Pick your favorite Italon collection and order a bookcase that will feature your surface of choice. It will become a stylish addition to your entrance hall, living room or bedroom.



One of the current trends in interior design involves sets of matching coffee tables. The most common choice is a pair from the same collection but with different heights. For example, you can choose LOUNGE 60 and LOUNGE 50 with contrasting tabletops, to have more than just a functional accessory, but also a striking detail that can add character and personality to your interior.


LOUNGE round tables are available in 3 sizes that differ in height, and SQUARE coffee tables are available in 2 sizes with the same height. A small table is an irreplaceable accessory in the house. Thanks to its compact size, you can move it from one room to another if you need to.


The LOUNGE and SQUARE coffee tables will be a stylish addition to any interior, and table tops can be made of your favorite Italon porcelain stoneware surface.



Italon Home sinks made of porcelain stoneware help emphasize the unique style of your bathroom’s design.


Anyone can find the perfect fit, thanks to a variety of sizes and surfaces.

Whether you’re looking to renovate a small bathroom in a city apartment or a spacious bathroom in a commercial project.


The FLY series offers 5 options in various sizes and configurations, which can be mounted on the walls or with a counter surface.


The light and sleek design of FLY is perfect for both classic and modern bathroom interiors.


The CUBE series offers 3 sink options in 2 sizes with or without a shelf, and can be mounted either on the wall or on the floor.


The monolithic and austere design of CUBE sinks is the perfect solution for bold and daring interiors.



Diamond is a ready-to-use solution for stylish showers: a great alternative to standard shower trays. Diamond shower trays can be made of Italon porcelain stoneware with matt finish only, available in three sizes: 80×80 cm, 80×100 cm, 80×120 cm, and the Italian Silfra drainage system is included.


With Diamond, your bathroom interior will become even more stylish and unique! And the best thing is that the installation does not require authorization, since it is allowed in apartment buildings.



It’s very easy! You need to choose a furniture item, then pick your favorite surface from an Italon porcelain stoneware collection, and place an order at an authorized Italon outlet. After 4 weeks your chosen article will be ready to decorate your apartment.


Use the service • Personalize • on our website to select an individual design in 3 clicks. For example, for the Italon Home products surfaces you can choose the exquisite marble effect porcelain tiles from Charme Advance, the minimalist concrete effect tiles from Millennium or the luxurious stone effect porcelain tiles of Wonderful Life – it all depends on your tastes and needs, but any option will look charming.


The possibility of using porcelain stoneware in the facing of furniture and sanitary ware helps create a wholesome and harmonious space. Italon offers a wide range of tiles, a variety of formats, finish types and graphic effects that allow you to create unique designs that suit any architectural requirement. Italon Home will help make the design original, giving the interior character and making it complete. Custom solutions can be practical: we guarantee it!


If you are ready to purchase porcelain stoneware tiles or Italon Home furniture, get in touch with an authorized dealer. You can find the nearest showroom with our Dealer Locator.