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#Italonprofi – Training Seminar for Tula Designers

“Calibers… Tones… Shade variation… Tiles slip coefficient… Cutting of a large format without chipping? But the tile layer says that this is impossible, and asks to change format…” – every designer faces such questions and situations in their daily work.

How to understand all these terms, how to organize competent architectural supervision for each stage of work with tiles and porcelain stoneware, what pitfalls await for you and how to competently bypass them. All those things were explained to the participants of the #italonprofi training seminar, which took place in brand showroom Italon Experience in Tula on May 24th.

It was not just a meeting, it was a whole crash course. In addition to aspects related directly to tiles, Sergey Dyakonov, head of the key account department, and Roman Manushin, regional manager for the Central Federal District, revealed details concerning the technical side of work. For example, how and with which tools to cut a large format, how to choose the right tile adhesive and the technology for its correct application, what mistakes are made when implementing bathroom projects, and much more.

An intensive course from our company allows designers and architects to feel confident when choosing and coordinating any type of ceramics, as well as conducting architectural supervision from private interiors to shopping malls!


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