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What is the Shade Variation Rating in Tiles?

With the development of tile decorating technologies, we got the opportunity to create porcelain stoneware with the most realistic textures that imitate in great detail all the nuances of marble, wood, stone, concrete and other natural materials. In this article we will talk about the Shade Variation Rating, also referred to as VSHADE.


The Shade Variation rating shows how uniform tiles’ graphics are and is a different factor than the tone. The tone of a tile indicates the degree of saturation of a color, while the Shade Variation rating shows how heterogeneous the pattern is, how charismatic each tile is with its own graphics and charm, and to what extent each tile is similar or different from another.

The shade variation rating system for porcelain stoneware and tiles consists of the following categories:


  • V1 – Uniform Appearance
  • V2 – Slight Variation
  • V3 – Moderate Variation
  • V4 – Substantial Variation


Shade variation rating for each product is indicated in the general catalog and on the Italon official website.


When you open the page with the required collection, you will notice an icon with letter “V”, and a number from 1 to 4, which indicates how consistent or inconsistent this product is in mass.


Let’s talk about each parameter in more detail.


The color of this material is completely uniform and consistent. For example, wall tiles from the collection 3D Experience. Each tile has an absolutely invariable likeness that does not change from tile to tile. This is the key feature of this material.



This parameter shows clearly distinguishable differences in texture and/or pattern with similar colors. In general the color perceived is the same, however, on the surface of the tile you will see light dim halftones and semi-shades. For example, wall tiles from the collection Terraviva. It is clearly visible that within the frame of the base color the material has a light play of tones, with lighter and darker areas on the surface of the same tile.



This rating indicates that the product’s color may vary significantly. This means that on the surface of the tile the direction of the pattern or veins and intensity of the graphics are approximate, only when you see the product in bulk you can form a general impression of it. For this reason, when working with products such as the gray stone effect porcelain stoneware Skyfall Grigio Alpino, you have to use the catalog which will give you a better understanding of the concept of the series. Photographs from the catalog will help you form a general idea of ​​the material. We strongly advise against making a choice based solely on the aesthetic effect of one tile, porcelain stoneware with a V3 rating should always be viewed “in bulk”.



This rating means that the graphics on each tile are unique and only a combination of these tiles will allow you to create an overall impression of the article. The most striking effect of the shade variation V4 is wood effect porcelain stoneware Groove Blend, where the pattern changes its intensity even along the length of the tile. These tiles look like “pieces of wood” of different colors. Remember that only after seeing these tiles in bulk, you will be able to understand their style and choose how to position them within the interior or exterior.

Almost all collections that imitate natural stone, wood, marble or metal have high shade variation ratings: from V2 to V4. Therefore, it is impossible to make a decision regarding these collections after viewing a single sample from the folder.


When working with complex collections, rely on collections’ catalogs rather than on a single sample. They will allow you to most accurately and fully understand each item. At the end of each catalog, you will find a general overview of the range of the collection, and next to each article you will see the shade variation rating. Be sure to consider it for your projects.


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