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Large Format Tiles: 5 Ideas for Bathroom Design

The popularity of large-format tiles has not faded, season after season. The reason for this is the combination of aesthetics and practicality they provide. For example, large formats can be safely laid in a bathroom, since they are resistant to high humidity, and their size allows for the creation of wholesome surfaces with minimum grout joints. Here’s a short selection of bathroom interiors where designers used large-format porcelain tiles.



Clean lines combined with a round white bathtub and dark details, reminiscent of a pencil sketch, built on the play of light and shadow.


A dynamic interior, yet at the same time easy to perceive.


The effect was achieved with porcelain stoneware from the Charme Deluxe collection in its Statuario Fantastico shade, 80×160 with matt finish.


While working on the project, designer Kirill Ponomarenko had to build up walls for piping in order to connect plumbing fixtures.


Usually, this visually reduces the space, but in the bathroom for this cottage in the Leningrad Region, Kirill managed to turn a disadvantage into a virtue: the built structures turned out to be of intricate architectural forms and provided the room with great personality.


This bathroom for children was designed to be extremely gentler: the main color is cream, creating a dreamy mood, and professionals from the Anna Gerashchenko’s studio achieved this with the use of exquisite marble effect tiles from Charme Advance.

The central wall, reminiscent of a layered cake, features Palissandro Dark 80×160 tiles with matt finish.


Grout joints are almost imperceptible thanks to the presence of dynamic, directional veinings.


The walls and floor were laid with porcelain stoneware in the delicate shade Cremo Delicato, 60×120 with honed satin finish.


The bath area was highlighted with Luxury Line Cremo 60×60 decor with brass inserts in its gold shade.


Round lamps provide comfort and complete the composition.



The classic shapes of white sanitary ware and tiles with expressive graphics from the Charme Deluxe collection in Statuario Fantastico come together in a light and discreet design.


This aristocratic interior welcomes you to fill the bath, turn on your favorite music or get lost in a book. In other words: relax after a busy day, however you please.


Designer Yulia Medvedeva used porcelain stoneware Statuario Fantastico in two formats at once.


For the floor, the designer chose large format 80×160 tiles with matt finish, while the accent wall behind the tub was decorated with 120×278 maxi-format tiles with lux finish. The impressive size of porcelain stoneware in a luxurious glossy finish emphasizes the unique beauty of marble.



This stylish interior in one of the Kaluga apartments is laconic and functional in a very European way.


In a space of just 6.5 sq.m. the designer managed to fit a shower, a bathtub, mirrored cabinets and two sinks with a comfortable wooden countertop.


Black and white colors emphasize the variety of forms and breathe life into the room.


Designers from the KLUKVA studio used three types of tiles.


Wood effect porcelain stoneware, Maison Walnut 20×120, gray stone effect Contempora Carbon 60×120 with honed satin finish, and black marble effect Charme Deluxe Sahara Noir 60×120 with honed satin finish.



The interior of this room brings out a calm, almost meditative state, upon walking in; it’s the ideal place to relax and recharge after a busy day.


Designer Maria Kalina turned the bathroom into a cozy spa area with a combination of concrete effect and wood effect porcelain stoneware from Millenium and Loft by Italon.

The central piece of the composition is a black and white bathtub, and the highlight of the area is a round panel with moss and backlight.

The space is decorated with the darkest shade of concrete effect porcelain stoneware, Millennium Black 60×60 with matt finish, and wooden-slats effect Loft Tatami Pepper.


The rest of the bathroom features Millennium Silver 60×120, stunning concrete effect porcelain stoneware with matt finish, two shades lighter than Millennium Black. The bright accents were realized using a sink made out of petrified wood and a wooden mirror with raw edges. These details say a lot about the apartment owners’ appreciation for the natural materials.

After reviewing several interiors decorated with large-format tiles, you can see how well this choice works in a variety of settings and styles. Choose what speaks to you, start renovating and, most importantly, only buy tiles from authorized dealers! You can find the nearest one to you using our Dealer Locator. Buying from our dealers means getting the best deals, the fastest delivery, and the possibility of reordering the same products should you need more of it!