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How to Decorate a Summer House

The season for summer house renovations is in full swing, now everyone is trying to create cozy cottages with a well-groomed area, where you can sit back to enjoy the beauty around you. The range of Italon X2 outdoor tiles will help you arrange the surroundings of your summer house. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages of these products, and what makes them ideal solutions to solving “summer house problems”.

Entrance area, porch, parking, swimming pool, terrace, barbecue area, garden paths… The design of these areas in the countryside requires a special approach where functionality of the material is as important as its aesthetics.



What makes Italon X2 outdoor porcelain stoneware stand out? The first thing is the increased thickness. Compared to standard 9 mm tiles, Italon X2 has a nominal thickness of 20 mm, which allows this material to be used in exteriors where the weather conditions require higher performances. Therefore, you can go further than just interior solutions, applying visualized ideas to the exteriors and expanding the project’s framework from the entrance to the gate of a country house.



The first thing to be said is that the range of Italon X2 porcelain stoneware is a further development of the standard 9mm tiles from the Italon range.

Therefore, most of the collections available in the general Italon catalog have their equivalent versions in the increased thickness range.

This makes it possible to decorate the interior and exterior of a cottage using the same style, which is very appreciated in modern architecture.




The main difference between traditional and Italon X2 tiles is the structured grip of the latters, specifically designed for outdoor use.

The anti-skid rating of Italon X2 outdoor tiles is increased, which ensures a higher level of safety.




The second and very important characteristic for exterior design solutions is water absorption. The X2 range has a water absorption rating of less than 0.1%, which makes it absolutely immune to precipitations, making it perfect for decorating floor coverings in exteriors. In addition, this collection’s colors do not fade due to harsh sunlight, and are not susceptible to chemical and mechanical stress. The outdoor porcelain stoneware of Italon X2 was designed specifically for the difficult climatic conditions of Russia, and it is not afraid of frost and extreme temperatures.




The increase in thickness by 2 times gives fantastic results in terms of strength. The maximum load on the center of each tile can be more than 1 ton. Plus, the possibility of dry laying on supports, grass or gravel allows you to use these tiles in the exteriors and rooms where it wasn’t feasible before. For example, the design of an operational rooftop, the creation of temporary exhibitions in exteriors, summer gazebos, terraces or footpaths.



In terms of aesthetics, the 60×60 Italon X2 range of porcelain stoneware has a wide variety of textures that imitate natural materials.

There are light tiles, black tiles, variations on the themes of wood, shell rock, slate, marble and concrete. All those materials that most harmoniously fit into a landscape design and make projects truly unique and compelling.




The diversity of graphics deserves a special mention. The whole Italon range is distinguished by its extremely realistic and very impressive products and Italon X2 materials are no exception.

Along with a bright and active texture, you will find a diverse range of graphics with more than 20 print options for each article.



In 2020, we launched 4 new products:


In addition, all articles have matching special products and decors, which expand the possibilities of using Italon X2 porcelain stoneware.

If you want to see the products in person, or need a consultation about Italon X2 outdoor tiles before you buy porcelain stoneware, please contact an official Italon dealer. You can find the nearest authorized outlet with our Dealer Locator.