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Floor coverings: modern or rustic style?

A variety of porcelain tiles collections allows to decorate the floor in the room in any style you desire and to create a certain atmosphere.

Residents of metropolises and owners of apartments in high-rise buildings try to surround themselves with nature, arranging interiors in modern, eco- or rustic styles. For this reason, the collections of porcelain stoneware that are imitating natural materials are the most popular. This can be a floor tile with effect of wood, stone or marble.

In this article we would like to tell about what kind of floor porcelain tiles to choose if you decided to add natural themes to the interior.

Wood effect tiles

If you like the atmosphere of cosy wooden house, which can be created by using only natural materials in the interior, it is worth to pay your attention to the Collection Natural Life Wood. The 22.5×90 tiles convey the charm of hand-crafted natural wood. It has a clear, slightly rough texture similar to the floor of the wooden house. When walking barefoot on such a tile, you can feel the closeness to nature, which the urban person is deprived of in everyday life.

Porcelain stoneware Natural Life Wood will perfectly fit the decors in eco- and rustic styles.

If instead you prefer the modern style with laconic and minimal design, it is better to take a look at the Element Wood Collection. The various formats (7.5×30, 20×120 and 60×120) show the genuine beauty of natural wood with its characteristic knots and vein lines. At the same time, the surface of porcelain stoneware is quite smooth and pleasant to the touch. Visually, this floor tile is not easy to distinguish from its natural prototype.

Stone effect tiles

When choosing the floor tile with stone effect attention should be given to the type of surface treatment because the same material may look completely different on the natural and patinated surfaces.

For example, the porcelain tiles from the collection Materia, that imitate the texture of slate, with patinated surface (in the formats 30×60, 60×60 and 60×120) will look great in the modern designs. Instead, the 45×45 or 7.5×30 tiles with natural surface look better in rustic design. These porcelain tiles are very similar to natural texture of the stone. The jagged artificially aged edges of the tiles give the impression that they have just been hand worked.

The porcelain stoneware from the Genesis collection looks particularly gorgeous with the surface grip, which is not just one of the types of tile surfaces, but the ideal solution for the spaces where the flooring easily gets slip. When creating the design for the bathroom this floor covering should be used.

You should definitely try to combine the wood and the stone in the fitting. This combination has been created by the nature and this is why it looks very natural and harmonious in the interior.

It is very important to pay your attention to the conditions of the usage when choosing floor covering (interiors/exteriors, private/public designs, the presence of water and etc.).

Italon collections offer a great variety of floor porcelain tiles for the decors in modern and rustic styles that please any taste.