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Interior design anti-trends: what’s out of style

The world of interior design sees trends and fashions change so frequently that it can be challenging to stay current. In this article, we’ll explore how to style your interior in a modern way, which trends to follow, and which design techniques and styles to avoid to ensure your renovation stays relevant for years to come.


Key anti-trends in interior design

  • Shabby Chic. This design style, characterized by worn-out furniture and vintage items, was all the rage in the 1980s. Entering an apartment decorated in this style felt like stepping into an antique shop. However, if you decorate a space entirely in this style today, you’ll end up with an interior that feels outdated and cluttered. But don’t be too quick to discard your vintage furniture. We’ll explain how you can incorporate it into modern interiors.
  • Tuscan Style. This style, known for its warm, earthy colors and heavy, ornate furniture, was popular throughout much of the 20th century. Today, this style is often deemed too overpowering for contemporary apartments. You can still encounter it in the interiors of historic hotels or inns with a rich past. It’s not a style to be entirely forgotten. Like all styles, it can be reinterpreted in a modern context while preserving the essence of Tuscan design.
  • Floral Wallpaper. Although floral patterns can still find a place in modern homes, the floral wallpapers that were trendy in the 80s and 90s have fallen out of favor. They can make a room feel overly busy, intrusive, and dated. There are now numerous ways to incorporate floral prints into your interior design.

Current interior design trends

Currently, one of the popular trends in interior and residential design is the use of natural materials like stone, marble, and wood to establish a warm and inviting atmosphere, further highlighted by vibrant furniture and artistic pieces.


Contemporary style

The beauty of contemporary design lies in its fusion of various styles, incorporating elements of loft and minimalism, art deco and classicism, allowing everyone to tailor a stylish interior to their own preferences. If you possess an antique dresser or a vintage cabinet that you’re reluctant to part with, it can be seamlessly integrated into a contemporary interior, perhaps styled in a loft or industrial fashion, thereby adding a unique ambiance and personal touch to the room.

In this interior of the kitchen-living room, decorated in a modern style from the project by the studio proekt KUL’TURA️ we want to consider every detail.


Striking textures, vivid accents, and innovative solutions come together to create a stylish and modern living space.


The dark stone-like porcelain stoneware on the floor, Skyfall Nero Smeraldo, in an unusual for stone narrow rectangular format 20×160, looks incredibly striking and unique.


A floor designed in a unified color scheme in both the kitchen and living area merges the space into a single entity, while the blend of wood and stone exudes a homely warmth and comfort.


The eye-catching sky-blue furniture diverts attention from the rich blue-graphite colored floor, preventing the interior from appearing overly heavy.



Minimalist design is gaining popularity due to its focus on simplicity and functionality. A distinctive characteristic of this style is its unique spatial modeling.

Choosing the right finishing materials, combining 2–3 calm colors, using closed storage systems, glass partitions, and natural textures can significantly enhance the space.

The light Absolut Silver porcelain stoneware from the Metropolis collection is currently one of the most sought-after basic “stones” in gray from the Italon range, ideally suited for minimalist style interiors. Its neutral tone enables the creation of a sleek and succinct interior.


The bathroom project by designers Alevtina Kladova and Alena Yarosh incorporates a large format of 60×120.


Porcelain stoneware’s natural surface is equally suitable and safe for wall and floor cladding.


A uniform light gray finish aids in visually expanding a small bathroom, creating a sense of space.


In minimalism, it’s crucial to properly blend the hues of finishing materials to prevent the interior from appearing overly cold.

Vibrant and bold prints

There’s a growing trend toward using vibrant, bold colors and prints in home design to inject personality and expressiveness. For wallpaper and floral print enthusiasts, there’s an excellent alternative! A floral print on white clay wall tile will enhance your wall, adding a unique touch to the interior while keeping it contemporary and stylish.

The elegant bathroom interior was conceived by designer Elena Pokidova, inspired by the exquisite wall decor featuring lush tropical leavesFoliage Platinum from the Charme Advance collection in a 40×80 format.


The second striking design element was the Tatami Oak 20×80 decor with a wood lath effect from the Loft collection.


White porcelain stoneware resembling marble from the Charme Advance Platinum White 60×120 collection with a patinated surface was used as a wall backdrop, along with wood-like tiles from the Loft Oak 20×160 collection with a natural surface for the floor.


The combination of wood texture and palm leaf graphics evokes feelings of tranquility, harmony, and peace.


Floor and mirror backlighting contributes to a unique ambiance. Such a bathroom makes it easy to invigorate in the morning and unwind in the evening.

We’ve shared only a few techniques for modern interior design. If you’re currently deciding on a design project style, we recommend reading our blog. It contains more ideas that will undoubtedly assist you in “Design Ideas