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Loft: elegant interior solutions

Loft by Italon is for those who is looking for a truly exclusive design. This collection harmoniously combines wood effect porcelain stoneware with white three-dimensional coverings, making the interior incredibly sophisticated. Loft will be an excellent choice for design of both residential and commercial spaces. Stylish colors, different sizes and amazing decors will help to make a unique project that combines style and comfort.

For relax


The Loft collection is perfect for decorating your bathroom. Natural materials in such rooms cannot be used due to high humidity. The wood effect porcelain stoneware, in turn, will be a great alternative. It has good wear resistance and it so realistically reproduces the natural oak that it can hardly be distinguished from the real wood. We advise you to pay special attention to the colors of Honey and Oak. They will give the room additional comfort.


Loft can also be used to decorate the kitchen. In this case, the color of Magnolia will look good. It visually expands the space and makes it brighter. Choosing such porcelain stoneware for the kitchen, you will be sure that it will not cause any special difficulties in cleaning. In addition, you can decorate the room with Italon white three-dimensional coverings. Your room will look more dynamic and at the same time filled with lightness. White color only emphasizes the beauty of wood effect porcelain stoneware.


Of course, you can use the new collection for the living room, where light porcelain tiles will look most advantageous. Chevron decor in the 20×160 cm format will look especially attractive in this area. It will allow you to take a fresh look at the classic flooring.

For work

The new collection from Italon will give special sophistication to commercial spaces. For example, Pepper color porcelain stoneware can transform spa centers. It will make the atmosphere more relaxed and cozier. The white three-dimensional coverings can add a note of lightness to the spaces, and Tatami decor can be added to it in a 20×80 cm format.

To design the boutiques, we recommend paying attention to the stylish color of Moorland. It is very practical and goes well with various other shades. This color is suitable for restrained and concise interiors, where the main emphasis is on functionality. In addition, this option will be the best in terms of fire safety. The porcelain stoneware does not burn and does not emit toxic substances.

You can buy Loft from authorized Italon dealers or in our online store . Have a great shopping!