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Natural themes in the Wonderful Life collection

The Wonderful Life collection, with its atmosphere of harmony and natural materials, will be a true source of inspiration for nature enthusiasts. The striking graphics of Rapolano travertine, with its winding veins paired with brushed oak, will infuse your interior with an incredible sense of warmth and comfort. The unique color transitions of Rapolano stone from Tuscany are mirrored in three porcelain stoneware colors: the light and elegant Pur, the warm beige Almond, and the subdued Graphite, all of which beautifully capture the allure of authentic travertine. Porcelain stoneware with a luxurious wooden texture and pronounced oak veins, available in three shades: light Honey, smoky Ash, and soft brown Pepper with subtle gray tones, perfectly complements the tiles featuring natural stone graphics.


Stone-wood duo in interiors


Every collection from the Italon production is meticulously designed, and the Wonderful Life collection is no exception. Within a single range, you can easily design an entire apartment or house, thanks to a comprehensive variety of products for wall and floor cladding.

Comprehensive cladding range offer a wealth of formats, decorative elements, and textures, ensuring they can cater to any taste and individual preference.


Porcelain stoneware inspired by travertine pairs perfectly with brushed oak tiles, together forming an impeccable foundation for a Mediterranean-style interior.


The range is further enhanced by colorful Play wall decors, perfect for creating interior accents, porcelain stoneware mosaics available in all collection colors, and special items such as steps and skirting boards.

Incorporating travertine-like porcelain stoneware tiles into your interior design will introduce the beauty and elegance of natural stone into various spaces.

Porcelain stoneware is typically more affordable than natural travertine, yet it offers a similar aesthetic appeal.

This material is also resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture, making it suitable for use in high-traffic areas and spaces with high humidity levels.

Comfortable bathroom interior with natural themes


The designers at A-R^B DESIGN Studio successfully recreated the atmosphere and mood of the Wonderful Life collection in this country house bathroom interior.


The use of light porcelain stoneware in Pure color, mimicking travertine, and wood-like tiles in Pepper shade helped to highlight the closeness to nature and create a comfortable relaxation space.


The lightness of the interior was further accentuated by the snow-white Play Snow 30×30 wall decor with gold elements on its surface.


A unique solution for an accent wall that underscores the design’s originality.

A cozy interior that envelops you in a relaxing atmosphere.


The noble Almond shade can transport you into a relaxing atmosphere, offering peace and tranquility.

In this interior, the Frame mosaic in Almond shade helps delineate the space, drawing attention to the bathtub area. The decor’s curved lines of unusual shapes weave into an elegant, rhythmic pattern. This mosaic can invigorate any space with its modern, minimalist design.

Vivid contrasting decors for an accent wall


In this bathroom project, bright, contrasting decors were used to create accents.


Designer Elizaveta Ashkenazi used travertine-like porcelain stoneware in a light Pure shade and gray Graphite as the background material.


She added wood-like tiles in a smoky Ash shade in the installation area.


She created a striking accent by designing an impressive wall above the bathtub using Play Kristal 30×30 decor in a deep blue color.


The distinct golden lines on the wall decor form a unique graphic that leaves a lasting impression at first glance.

Guest bathroom in shades of gray


The guest bathroom interior from designer Ekaterina Fedotova’s project draws inspiration from the natural textures of the Wonderful Life collection.


In this project, the darkest shade of tile under the Graphite travertine, laid on both the floor and walls, is enhanced by the Tatami Pepper decor with a wooden slat effect.


The refined transitions of gray hues capture the unique allure of Tuscan travertine.


The light graphics visually broaden the space with wave-like lines that evoke the stratification of Tuscan rock formations.

The atmospheric ambiance of the combined kitchen-living room


The travertine in the interior of this kitchen-living room exudes a homely, warm, and cozy feel while maintaining a stylish appearance.


In the kitchen area, designer Yulia Vasilieva used Wonderful Life travertine-like porcelain stoneware in Pure color, which is also featured on the apron and in the living room area on the backlit TV panel.


Several lighting modes are provided to establish an atmosphere that suits the mood.

Porcelain stoneware with travertine graphics, whether used for flooring, wall cladding, or decorative accents, can infuse any interior with a touch of elegance and timeless beauty. For more inspiration, you can find additional projects featuring the Wonderful Life collection on our website under the “Implemented Projects” section.