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7+ Ideas for Decorating a Children’s Bathroom (Part 2)

How to decorate a children’s bathroom so that it is comfortable and not boring? In the first part of our article, we mentioned that there are no limits when it comes to the decoration of this room, the rule of thumb is that the child must be comfortable. In this article, we’ll continue to share ideas for decorating the interior of a children’s bathroom.




Let the girls be girly and do not rush to talk them out of pink in the interior. The Italon range includes the extraordinarily beautiful and stylish Quarzo color, which you can find in the wall tile collection Element Silk. The light powder-like pink shade is pleasing to the eye and will never go out of style. We will show you what Quarzo can be combined with, so you can choose the option that suits you best.



A girly bathroom designed by AB Architects will appeal to many adults.

It turned out to be cute and stylish at the same time thanks to elements from mid-century modern style, which is characterized by its lively mood and gentle simplicity.

Round shapes for mirrors, plumbing fixtures, furniture and lamps create a special atmosphere of stability and security.

Blue-green and pastel-pink frames on the objects give them a dollhouse look.


That is the main advantage of children’s spaces – the ability to make childishly spontaneous objects out of boring mundane things.


Now let’s talk about the tiles: for the background base they chose white marble effect tiles with barely noticeable veins Charme Deluxe Bianco Michelangelo 80×80 and 80×160 with a matt finish. Thanks to them, the interior will stay relevant for years to come.


Part of the walls features matt silk-textured wall tiles Element Silk Neve & Quarzo 25×75.

санузел для двух девочек с двумя раковинами



The bathroom project by the Shamodi Design studio features even more pink.


There are Quarzo wall tiles 25x75 from the Element Silk collection, faucets in rose gold and even cabinets with glossy pink fronts!


At the same time, the interior does not resemble a bathroom from a Barbie house.


Black wood slats, partly black plumbing fixtures and marble-effect porcelain stoneware on the floor, Charme Evo Calacatta 60×60 with matt finish, played a key role in creating a stylish look.



Pink Quarzo 25×75 from the Element Silk collection looks completely different when combined with porcelain stoneware Millennium Silver 60x120 and 60x60 in matt finish.


Just what a teenage girl needs!


The designers from studio IQDES have decorated the shower area with a three-dimensional mosaic, Quarzo 30.5x30.5.


The result is a calm, airy composition that will never look boring or go out of fashion.



When it comes to pink in an indoor space, many people imagine children’s rooms.


A children’s bathroom is a great place to experiment.

You can even go for a colorful ceiling.


“Mimi bathroom” – this is what designer Elena Kislukhina calls her project.


There are many cute bears and pink is even featured on the ceiling: it pairs well with the room and suits the mood.


To balance the space she created a decorative wall with two-color triangles, Edge Petrolio & Quarzo 24x24 from the Element Silk collection.



In teenage interiors, it is extremely rare to find elements of children’s design.


At the age of 13-14, children not only consider themselves adults, but also strive to act like adults in every occasion.


They have already formed their own idea of coziness and comfort.


Therefore, the ideas for bathroom design proposed below are suitable not only for teenagers, but also adults.


Designer Svetlana Lipunova created a stylish-fashionable-youthful interior for siblings with porcelain stoneware Millennium Silver and Iron 60x60 with matt finish and mosaic Strip Iron 30x30. The concrete effect tiles suited both children and parents.


The main accent in the teenage bathroom is colored LED lighting.

A bathroom for two brothers of 8 and 14 doesn’t even have a hint of childish design: it is a laconic, natural and stylish interior.


The designers of the IQDES studio, together with their parents, educated the children to have good taste from early childhood.


As a finishing material, porcelain stoneware from the Skyfall collection was chosen: light gray stone-effect tiles Grigio Alpino 60x120 with a honed satin finish, wood-effect tiles Rovere 20x160 with a matt finish and the Tatami Rovere, 20x90 décor.


To emphasize the impeccable combination of stone and wood, the floor was left neutral using 60×60 concrete effect Millennium Pure with a matt finish.

Is beige too boring for a kid’s bathroom?


Not at all! Shades of beige will create an atmosphere of calmness and comfort in the room.


The warm palette adds a sense of security. In addition, such an interior will not lose its relevance even after many years.


Designer Yekaterina Ananenko created a warm and cozy interior in a teenage girl’s bathroom using porcelain stoneware, Genesis Venus Cream, with a shell rock texture.


The unique mosaic Cross Cream & Brown 31.5x29.7 was the wish of the young girl who has an eye for details.

The project of a bathroom in a country house for a young man with good taste by designer Lydia Lee does not look like a children’s interior at all.


This is the peculiarity of the design of teenage interiors.


At this age, it is especially important to hear children and respect their taste and choices.


The inspiration and starting point for the creation of the project was the wall decor Play Steel 30x30 from the Terraviva Wall Project collection, which was love at first sight for the young man in the Italon showroom.


The designer complemented it with rugged concrete-effect porcelain stoneware from Terraviva Gray 45x90 with matt finish.


If your apartment only has one bathroom, we have an idea that will make it comfortable for a small child.

Next to the adult sink, provide a place for the child’s one, as designer Maria Sklyarenko did. No need for stools and ladders, or even help from adults, your children can conveniently and safely wash their hands on their own.


What to do with the sink when the kids grow up?


It can be removed by replacing the lower countertop and keeping the adult sink.


The free space can be adapted for storage or accessories.


The bathroom is decorated using two colors of slate-effect porcelain stoneware from the Materia collection – Titanio and Carbonio 60x60 with a honed satin finish.

Be inspired and experiment! You will certainly succeed in creating the most beautiful and comfortable interior for your children. And remember that, for a child, there is nothing more precious and more important than your love, support and time spent together!