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Sinks That Will Transform Your Bathroom

Choosing a bathroom sink is not as easy as it seems. It is necessary to take into account a huge number of nuances, such as size, aesthetics, technical characteristics, mounting and drainage system. Durability, long service life and easy maintenance are some of the most important criteria in choosing a sink. In this article, we will tell you about Italon Home designer porcelain stoneware sinks that will transform the bathroom interior and help create a unique atmosphere in the space.


Several years ago, Italon launched a promising project called Italon Home, becoming the first company on the Russian ceramics market to offer the production of designer furniture and sanitary ware made out of the porcelain stoneware of its own production. Italon Home expands the possibilities of Italon porcelain stoneware and allows you to create a unique interior in which furniture and sanitary ware will “merge” with the floor and wall finishings, emphasizing either continuity of style or contrast, giving dynamism to the space.

Italon Home porcelain stoneware sinks will help highlight the unique style of the bathroom interior. Thanks to the variety of sizes, everyone can find the ideal one for themselves: whether it is a small bathroom in a city apartment or spacious bathroom in a commercial project.

Let’s talk in more detail about the features of the sinks.


One of the main advantages of Italon Home sanitary ware is the ability to customize the product with the porcelain stoneware of your choice. For example, you can opt for a luxury look of marble-effect tiles, Charme Advance, or minimalist Millennium concrete-effect porcelain tiles, or perhaps stone-effect tiles with unique graphics from Wonderful Life. You can order a sink that will become a dominant accent in the interior or, conversely, will follow the bathroom’s color scheme.


The stylish design developed by Italian architects is not an only advantage of Italon Home sinks; their maintenance is simple and unpretentious, they are resistant to scratches and chips, high temperatures, and the effects of household chemicals. Prolonged contact with water does not deform the surface of porcelain stoneware or affect its aesthetic characteristics.


Porcelain stoneware surfaces are safe, environmentally friendly, do not cause allergies, and avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

At the moment you will find two collections in the Italon Home range of washbasins: CUBE and FLY.




The elegant and sleek design of the FLY sink is perfect for both classic and modern bathrooms. In interiors with natural motives, a sink that matches the color of the walls will look especially impressive. The FLY series offers 6 options of washbasins in various sizes and configurations. Wall or countertop mountable.


If you are the lucky owner of a spacious bathroom, symmetrically located sinks will be an interesting solution. It can be two separate FLY 70 washbasins, or a double FLY 150. Wall-mounting with a bracket does not require additional furniture or supports, and does not overload the sleek design of the FLY washbasin.

If your bathroom is small, then consider installing the FLY washbasin on a countertop or cabinet.


Such a solution will create additional storage space for household chemicals and other necessary little things. The rectangular shape of FLY is ideal for a compact bathroom and will help you use every inch of your room wisely.


FLY sinks are not just a stylish addition to the interior. The modern design of the FLY 120, FLY 120 Left or FLY 120 Right provides extra space on the sink, where it is convenient to place cosmetics, personal hygiene items and other little things for comfort.


Practicality, functionality and original design make FLY porcelain stoneware sinks the perfect option for decorating bathrooms in hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces.


We would like to emphasize that all models of FLY porcelain stoneware sinks can be ordered with or without a tap hole. This opens up additional possibilities and allows you to apply non-standard ideas in bathroom interior design.



Discreet aesthetics and a monolithic and austere design make CUBE the ideal solution for bold and daring interiors. The CUBE series offers 3 washbasin options in 2 sizes with and without a shelf.


With CUBE you can create a cozy room with an original design where you will feel comfortable.


The free standing CUBE 50 with storage space will become a stylish and functional addition not only to a bathroom in a private house, but also to a bathroom in a restaurant, office or hotel.


With the floor-mounted CUBE 50 you can create cozy commercial interiors that will delight your guests at first sight.


While the small wall-mounted CUBE 40 is suitable even for a small bathroom due to its compact size and minimalist shape.


For the sink’s surface, you can choose tone-on-tone porcelain stoneware that will harmoniously match the floor and walls, or a contrasting option that will become a bright accent and create an expressive space. CUBE washbasins do not have a tap hole.

Which porcelain stoneware to choose for the customization of Italon Home washbasins?


The free choice of Italon porcelain stoneware for the manufacturing of a product is a  distinct advantage of Italon Home, which will make each project unique. The “personalize” service on our website – – helps create an individual design in just a few clicks. The convenient configurator on the website will allow you to choose the tiles for your Italon Home product: choose an article then pick a color, a graphic effect or a collection of porcelain stoneware for its surface, and you will immediately see how the product looks with the selected parameters. Afterwards, you can download a PDF with information that include the selected sanitary ware model and indicate its configuration. Take this document with you to the showroom to easily place an order.


Where to buy Italon Home porcelain stoneware sinks?


Please, when choosing a sink, make sure to take several important things into account: the size of the bathroom, the type of attachment, color, shape and material. Italon Home porcelain stoneware sinks will help you bring to life unique design ideas that are functional and comfortable. You can view, personalize and order Italon Home sinks at the monobrand Italon Experience showrooms. You can find the closest showroom using our Dealer locator.

Please note that the production time for Italon Home products is up to 4 weeks, so we advise you to plan your purchase in advance.