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5 New Trends For Bathroom Design

The bathroom in your home should be comfortable, functional and stylish. Usually, it’s not a particularly spacious room, so it can be challenging to find the right design. In order to get the best results, it is necessary to find the right balance between practicality and fashion trends. In this article, we will tell you about the recent trends that are suitable for decorating even a small bathroom.


Materials that reproduce natural materials such as stone, wood and marble will remain in trend for a long time. Imitation of natural textures is incredibly popular in design. This tendency is quite understandable since we all have to be isolated for a long time, and the possibility of travel is limited. The lack of nature can at least be compensated through decorating your own home.

However, don’t forget about safety!

It is recommended to use an imitation of natural textures for the bathroom, and not real natural materials. Due to the special characteristics of that room, the wood is not suitable for its decoration.


However, you can always opt for wood effect porcelain tiles from Italon’s Loft collection. Such material has excellent technical characteristics and will not lose them even after a long time.


You can also mix and match materials. The Skyfall collection focuses on the beauty of nature. It brings together the natural looks of wood with the solemn shapes of alpine stones.


This collection allows you to create interiors where the laconicism of architectural forms is complemented by an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.



According to the statistics, about 60% of residents of large cities have apartments with an area of about 40 square meters. Therefore, such spaces call for a practical and compact design. This means that the room should appear visually larger and not be overloaded with unnecessary details. For such bathrooms, it is worth giving preference to wall-mounted plumbing fixtures, built-in faucets, convenient cabinets and laconic shelves.

As for the design of the walls, porcelain stoneware with a concrete effect will be a suitable option here. For example, the Millennium collection is distinguished by unique graphics. It has an unusual for the touch, eye-catching texture. Millennium creates a space where minimalism and emotions coexist. Another important advantage of this collection is the wide range of formats. 80×80 and maxi size porcelain stoneware 80×160 will allow you to create a project with a minimum number of grout joints.

Those who appreciate laconism and minimalism should also pay attention to the Terraviva collection. It was inspired by traditional Italian terracotta floor tiles. In its modern embodiment, it received completely new characteristics, which expanded the design possibilities. With the Terraviva collection, you will be able to create warm, yet sophisticated interiors.



If you want to add a trendy accent, then don’t be afraid to experiment. Give preference to extraordinary color combinations, geometric patterns and use decors.

However, such bright accents attract a lot of attention, so it is better to combine them with a plain background. The colorful patterns can be balanced with neutral shades, minimalistic interior items and furniture.

The rich colors of tiles from the Surface, Element Silk and Terraviva collections will fill the room with coziness and warmth. With their help, you can create interesting contrasting combinations.

On the other hand, there is the Charme collection, with its Charme Perl Inserto Loop Lux and Charme Perl Inserto Frame Lux decors, which can help to create geometric combinations of incredible beauty.


The Michelangelo Inserto Deco 40×80 decor can become the main accent in the bathroom interior. It also allows you to create unique combinations of elements. To make it truly stand out we recommend combining it with marble effect porcelain tiles in a neutral shade.


The contrasting decor Brick Multicolor 29.6×79.7, will help to divide the bathroom into functional zones.



The bathroom should have all the necessary interior items, yet not be overloaded with them. Choose practical items such as cabinets, illuminated mirrors, heated towel rails with shelves. Bulky furniture makes the room seem very cramped. Also, pay attention to the color scheme. The abundance of bright elements or decors, also visually reduces the space.


We recommend choosing Italon Home interior items and sanitary ware for decoration. Italon Home is a new, promising project of the Italon company. It is so unique because porcelain stoneware from any Italon collection you like with any graphics can be used in the manufacture of articles. That way you can customize a perfect furniture that will match the floor and walls, or fall into a perfect contrast with it.


In the Italon Home range, you will find Cube and Fly washbasins and Diamond shower trays, which will surely decorate your bathroom. They are made of porcelain stoneware, which means that they have the highest performance characteristics. Quick reminder, that this material is resistant to mechanical damage and dirt. It is hygienic and hypoallergenic and does not require any special maintenance.


A modern bathroom is a place where you can fully relax after a hard day’s work and regain your strength by taking a bath. So, when decorating this room, remember that it should be comfortable, and help you improve your mood and reduce stress.

Increasingly, designers recommend adding green plants to the interior. You can choose real plants that love high humidity or artificial ones that will simply delight you. They will significantly change the atmosphere in the room, and even the smallest bathroom will turn into a spa.


Decors with plant or floral motifs are also an excellent option. For example, the Inserto Foliage 25×75 decor with leaf graphics from the Element Silk collection combined with wall tiles in the Petrolio shade will uniquely decorate your interior.


Inserto Ninfea and Inserto Bouquet 25×75 decors with elegant floral graphics are suitable for decorating the wall above the bathtub or the washbasin area. They will also look spectacular in the shower.


These new trends can be implemented in a large and small bathroom, a full bathroom or a half bath. Adapt them for yourself!


All suitable materials can be easily found in the Italon showrooms.