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New Products Launch in Minsk

On May 26th, the best designers and architects in Minsk gathered at “Willing” to take part in the presentation of Italon’s 2021 novelties we are calling the ITALON OPEN DAYS. The event was organized by the House of Tiles and its director Igor Viktorovich Erofeev.


The Head of the Key Accounts Department, Sergey Dyakonov, together with the official representative of Italon in Belarus, Alexander Naumov, told industry professionals about the features of the new series – Charme Advance and Wonderful Life – revealing the best practices to work with maxi-format slabs, 120×278.


Charme Advance brings together the sophisticated nature of marble, intertwined with the latest trends in modern design. Expressive graphics, inspired by noble marbles with dynamic unidirectional veining, provides endless design possibilities using porcelain stoneware.


Wonderful Life was inspired by the unique color transitions of the Rapolan stone. The collection is complemented by tiles which recreate artificially aged wood. The combination of travertine and brushed oak is perfect for elegant and cozy Mediterranean-style interiors.


Four hours of precious information in a creative setting that went by very quickly. Many ITALON OPEN DAYS attendees mentioned they will definitely use Wonderful Life in their upcoming projects. Charme Advance also got its portion of recognition, especially for what concerns the wall decor with original graphics, Foliage and Play.


During the presentation focusing on the specifics of working with large-format slabs, 120×278, guests received answers to all their questions as well as all the important information that should be known in order to get impeccable results.

In addition to the useful and informative details on the Italon novelties, guests of the event participated in a raffle for prizes and enjoyed delicious treats.

We thank all guests for the pleasant company and creative atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you at the new “House of Tiles” at prospekt Nezavisimosty 117a.


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