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Charme Deluxe: a perfect mix

Charme Deluxe by Italon re-creates unique marbles, icons of exclusivity and beauty. Matching different looks results in an absolutely original style, capable of transforming any space. Today we will tell you what interesting interior solutions you can implement using Charme Deluxe.

Design for a penthouse

This collection will be a great option for creating an exclusive penthouse design. Eclectic compositions formed by decisive pairings and creative contrasts transform the interiors of this luxury penthouse into original spaces. The different surfaces capture your gaze and guide it in unexpected directions, perfectly expressing the innovative nature of Charme Deluxe.


The spacious layout of the hall emphasizes the exquisite graphics of porcelain stoneware from the new collection. It is suitable for flooring, walls and reception desks. It creates an intense play on veining that is made even more precious by the contrast. For example, combining the shades of Grigio Orobico, Bianco Michelangelo, Statuario Fantastico and Sahara Noir, you can create an interior that is fascinating at first sight.


Arabescato White, Bianco Michelangelo and Sahara Noir will also be suitable for the design of the living room area in the penthouse. Three different marble personalities clash to add a special, contemporary vivacity to this environment.


You can use porcelain tiles from the Charme Deluxe collection to decorate the bathroom. The uncompromising combination of Invisible White and Grigio Orobiko marble varieties together with the unusual use of Golden Line patterns create a sense of harmony and comfort in the bathroom.

Luxury apartment


For the design of the apartments is proposed to use the most luxurious stylistic solution from the Charme Deluxe collection. Luxury is scrupulously expressed through rigorous spaces that cleverly articulate the appeal of surfaces and their precious designs.

For the design of the dining room, Arabescato White or a combination of Arabescato White with a decor of Arabescato Intarsio and Emperador Dark are suitable. The volumes of this space accentuate the power and elegance of the veining with perfect equilibrium, generating a uniform, all-round impact.

Thanks to sober, calculated designs, two distinct personalities of marble Bianco Michelangelo and Emperador Dark cohabit in the kitchen too where luxury takes on a scenic identity.

The forms of volumes and furnishings rigorously control the dialogue between two distinctive marble personalities like Cream River and Sahara Noir and decoration River Mosaico Diamond, delimiting the spaces with warmth and powerful contrast.

Mansion House


Heterogeneous surfaces allow the collection to express even informal interpretations. The style of the mansion house transforms the contrast between different materials into a fascinating, intimate dialogue.

For the design of the kitchen, you can use Invisible White and Grigio Orobico, which will give a chance to divide this space into different functional zones. You can complement the design with the Invisible Strip decor, which gives the lightness to the space. Charming marble essences extend outwards, following the contours of space and encouraging unexpected dialogues with surrounding elements.

The expressive graphics of Grigio Orobico emphasize the original interior design of the living room. It focuses on unlimited luxury in every detail.

Meanwhile the unusual bright graphics and dynamic veins of Statuario Fantastico create a very warm and cozy atmosphere in the bathroom design.

Rooftop restaurant


The applications of contemporary luxury are characterized by distinction and exclusivity. Special locations like a restaurant represent the perfect opportunity to add the unmistakable and unique touch offered by the surfaces of this collection.

Rich and fascinating patterns represent the ideal choice for covering contemporary spaces. Emperador Dark and Arabescato White will decorate the lounge and bar area. And the wall decor of the Arabescato Mosaic Lounge will be a bright accent in the interior.

Sahara Noir, in turn, takes to a new level the idea of luxury in the bathroom. The material is fascinating at first sight, endowing the space with a unique style.


The Charme Deluxe collection allows you to realize even the wildest ideas. Various shades, formats and decors will help to create an interior stunning in its elegance.

We will discuss more details about this collection during the Italon showroom live session, which will also be a good opportunity to actually see the tiles.