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Room by Italon: the charm of monochrome

Room by Italon will be an excellent choice for those who wants to create an interior design with a unique atmosphere. It brings an expressive new allure to contemporary spaces, where the key concept is total look.

Room combines three different material natures into a single color language, creating settings of extraordinary elegance.

The porcelain stoneware from the new collection is distinguished by a detailed reproduction of the striking material nature of stone and the soft grain of cherry wood.

The ideal complement to the two is the microtexture wall covering, inspired by Scandinavian fabrics.


The collection comes in four colors that will make the space more elegant:

  • White,
  • Beige,
  • Grey,
  • Black.

Room revolves around the confident character of the stone effect. It takes its inspiration from four distinctive natural stones. Pierre de Beaunotte sandstone is recreated in White. The color Beige reproduces Massangis Jaune Burgundy limestone. Grey is represented by unique French split stone, while Black conveys the beauty of Belgian limestone Pierre Bleue de Hainaut.

Another advantage of Room is a wide range of formats. With a range that comprises sizes up to the large 60×120 stone and 20×120 wood option, the collection opens new prospects for design. Its potential is extended thanks to the elegance of the wall tiles, in the new 40×80 size, and the material vigor of the 60×60 size, also available in the 20mm thick X2 version specifically designed for outdoors.

Room by Italon enhances the volumes and the perspective towards the exterior, creating a splendidly balanced effect.