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Shower Design: Beautiful and Safe

A shower stall is a much needed modern solution for people with a dynamic lifestyle, and as a matter of fact more and more people are turning away from bulky bathtubs in favor of convenient showers. Today, we’ll help you design it so that it is perfectly safe, yet stylish, with the help of Italon porcelain stoneware.




Traditional ceramic wall tiles aren’t the only possible option for decorating your bathroom: porcelain stoneware is a much better choice. Professionals increasingly prefer porcelain stoneware due to its technical and operational characteristics such as:

  • Incredible strength;
  • High wear and tear resistance;
  • Close to zero water absorption;
  • Resistance to chemicals.

However, when buying tiles, please note that the main characteristic responsible for safety is the anti-slip rating: the tile’s surface ability to prevent a person from slipping. The shower area requires an anti-slip rating of R 12, typical of porcelain stoneware with structured finishing.


Always check the ABC criteria, also known as a slip resistance for bare feet. Tiles with B (A+B) rating can be used in rooms with the presence of water, and are therefore a safe choice for shower trays. The C coefficient (A+B+C) is the highest possible level of security. C tiles can safely be used in showers, where they are exposed to abundant flows of water, as well as anywhere where cleaning supplies might be present on the surface (soaps, detergents, etc.).



Designing a shower stall requires special care and attention in order for it to be safe, stylish and comfortable. You shouldn’t compromise and always aim for excellence; after all, remember that the size of your room doesn’t really matter, and even a few square meters are enough to come up with a creative solution.




Those who value simplicity and convenience should turn to a minimalistic bathroom and shower. Remember that elegance and practicality always start with a thoroughly designed space. To achieve the desired look, opt for a single tone in your shower: white, light beige or light gray will make even the coziest space feel radiant and larger; however, feel free to experiment with certain darker shades if that’s what you like the most. The main thing is to keep unnecessary details to the minimum so as not to overload the room resulting in an overwhelming environment.

Millennium concrete effect porcelain stoneware or three dimensional wall tiles from the 3D Experience collection are ideal for creating a stylish and neat shower.



Italon porcelain stoneware tiles realistically replicate the beauty of natural matter, such as stone or wood. Room gives modern interiors a distinctive expressiveness, while Loft oak effect tiles recreate the beauty of this luxurious natural material. You can choose between one of these effects, or follow a popular trend and combine stone and wood porcelain stoneware to achieve a very delicate contrast. Alternatively, a solid choice would be to choose the Skyfall collection, harmoniously combining functionality and aesthetics.



Marble effect tiles allow you to create luxurious interiors without having to compromise convenience. Stunning, natural looking textures from our new Charme Deluxe collection are available in a wide range of shades: a no brainer that will meet anyone’s request and suit most design projects.


Non-repeating patterns make marble effect porcelain stoneware look unique, realistic and natural.


White marble effect porcelain stoneware and wall tiles embody the noble and luxurious personality of this outstanding material, providing any environment with a spacious and bright atmosphere that will grant you a moment of peace and clarity as soon as you step in.


Remember: the larger the tile, the fewer the grout joints.


Large formats gloriously emphasize the design and texture of porcelain stoneware: a few slabs of 60×120 cm tiles, or 120×278 cm maxi format ones, will be enough to decorate your walls.



Feel free to use bright colors if you want to add some character to your room. Saturated colors from the Surface, Element Silk and Terraviva collections will fill the room with warmth and comfort.

Contrasting combinations are a great choice for a more festive vibe. Be creative and feel free to experiment with combinations that are not simply black and white. Try deep blue with light gray, coral with white, yellow combined with dark gray, and anything else that might suit your bathroom.



Decors help significantly expand your possibilities for creative design.


For example, try Michelangelo Inserto Deco 40×80 to create a stunning accent and achieve unusual combinations of elements. It is a perfect solution that looks outstanding combined with marble effect porcelain stoneware in neutral shades, enhancing its beauty.


The contrasting decor, Brick Multicolor 29.6×79.7, will help divide the bathroom into functional areas. It’s a perfect fit for the shower stall, especially if the rest of the room is decorated with gray porcelain stoneware.


If you want to truly make your bathroom stand out, try polygonal mosaics from the Terraviva collection, available in a variety of colors, making it an easy fit even in the most daring design projects.


Alternatively, you might want to add striking accents to your shower using the Play 15×15 colored volumetric decors from our Millennium collection.

You can design a comfortable and stylish shower stall even in the smallest of bathrooms: you just need to choose the proper finishing materials. That is why we recommend taking your time during this important process, making sure your favorite tiles aren’t just a perfect fit for your future project, but also a safe option that will meet anti-slip requirements and last a long time.