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Terraviva: contemporary design

The inspiration for the new Terraviva collection by Italon was Terracotta flooring, a traditional Italian classic. In a modern way, it acquired completely new characteristics, thanks to which it was possible to expand the design capabilities.


Terraviva allows you to create warm, atmospheric, elegant and at the same time comfortable interiors.


Minimalism for a contemporary lifestyle


Terraviva will be a suitable option for those who value minimalism and conciseness. This collection will undoubtedly decorate a special relax area in the house. Porcelain stoneware Greige in combination with Moka and Cannella wall tiles gives the space a softer outline, warmth and coziness.


To create bright accents in the room, you can use porcelain decors. For example, a mosaic of the same shade harmonizes with Greige. It can be mixed with the decor Play Bronze too.


This combination of materials will make the design unique and emphasize the impeccable taste.

An intimate, exclusive and comfortable context

Thanks to the Terraviva collection, the living room can be turned into a comfortable space for each member of the family. To achieve this effect, we recommend choosing a combination of Grey porcelain stoneware and Neve wall tiles. It makes space lighter and airier. In addition, this combination allows you to visually expand the space, which can be a big plus.

Decors will help to divide the living room into different functional zones. So, Grey Mosaico Grid perfectly complements the shade of Grey. However, if you wish, you can create other combinations. It all depends on your imagination.

All-round contrasts create a modern environment

Terraviva, of course, is also suitable for decorating a bathroom. We recommend experimenting with design and not be afraid of contrasting combinations.

For example, you can combine bright Senapa tiles and Dark porcelain stoneware. For a shower, it’s better to choose a Play Steel wall decor. It creates a beautiful visual effect, making the design look amazing.

A welcoming but refined space

The Terraviva collection can be used to design not only private but also commercial spaces, such as cafes and restaurants. In this case, we advise you to pay attention to the combination of Cannella wall tiles with a shade of Moon porcelain stoneware. It looks interesting, but at the same time elegant. In order to zonate the space, the Moon Mosaico Hexagon will be quite enough. Materials from the Terraviva collection will create a unique creative atmosphere.

Don’t forget that Italon porcelain stoneware has high wear resistance, so it will not lose its characteristics even in places with high traffic. In addition, it is quite unpretentious in daily cleaning.

With the help of the Terraviva collection you can realize the most extraordinary ideas and create a modern, fashionable interior. It provides comfort but does not deprive the space of sophistication.

We will discuss more details about this collection during the Italon showroom live session, which will also be a good opportunity to actually see the tiles.