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The Best Materials for The Exterior: Outdoor Tiles

The owners of country houses, developers and property management companies before starting work on the arrangement of outdoor territories often face the choice of outdoor tiles. however, it is not as easy as one might initially think since it is important to choose the materials not only in terms of design, but also to take into account all the conditions of usage.

The outdoor tiles must be frostproof, durable, resistant to abrasion and to temperature extremes and, most importantly, to be absolutely not slippery.

The porcelain stoneware Italon X2 of 2cm thick, designed specifically for exteriors and landscaping, meets all these requirements.

гамма декоров уличного керамогранита Italon X2

Unique technical and performance characteristics of these tiles allow its use in the design projects of any outdoor area such as parking, barbecue area, gazebo, terrace, flower beds. Moreover, the tiles Italon X2 can be used in the construction of paths, steps, porch or pool. Its antislip surface guarantees a safe covering in any season of the year. It is also easy to install and to clean and does not change its appearance over time.

Thus, the thickened Italon X2 porcelain stoneware is an excellent solution for the climatic conditions of Russia.

Today the uniform style concept is very popular. This is when in the design of indoor and outdoor areas the material of same style is used. For example, for facing the floor in the living room with panoramic windows, you selected natural stone tiles from the Room collection. The same porcelain stoneware tiles can be used in the decoration of balcony or terrace, but in its outdoor not slippery version – Italon X2 Room. Thanks to this approach, the bright line between the interior and the exterior fades and a magnificent aesthetic appearance is achieved.

The porcelain stoneware Italon Х2 is available in the format 60×60 and in 19 different colours, including the tile with wood and stone effect, which allows you to create stylish and durable coverings. For the interiors, this range is offered in a classic thickness of 7, 8 or 9 mm.

Depending on your needs, the tiles Italon X2 can be laid in 4 ways: on the grass, on the gravel, on the screed and on the supports and can be changed at a later time to create the landscape design.