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Wood Effect Porcelain Stoneware: Modern, Practical, and Beautiful

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, practical and durable material for interiors and exteriors, check out porcelain stoneware. A wide range of formats, textures and finishing types will allow you to make any design idea come true. Modern technologies make it possible to faithfully recreate the graphics of natural matter in porcelain stoneware, making this material in high demand. Recently, wood effect porcelain stoneware has been especially popular. In this article, we will tell you what advantages wood effect tiles can provide to professionals.



Ceramic surfaces are much easier to clean than other materials. And maintenance is carefree. For example, to maintain the beauty of the parquet floor, you need to sand it and use special tools and devices to polish it.


Wood effect porcelain stoneware floors do not require special care, all you need to do is to wash them with clean warm water. It significantly reduces cleaning time and keeps your home tidy.


However, there are some rules for cleaning porcelain stoneware that will preserve its beauty for years to come.


It is strictly forbidden to use abrasive powders and metal brushes, as they can scratch the surface of the tiles. It is not recommended to treat the surface with oily soaps or wax. They form a coating that will require an additional degreasing rinse.



Due to its unique technical characteristics, wood effect porcelain stoneware is not only suitable for residential interiors, but also great for commercial projects, where fire safety requirements are very high.

One of the main advantages of porcelain stoneware is that it is practical and does not need complicated maintenance. It can be used in rooms where natural wood cannot be used.

For example, natural wood is absolutely not suitable for a bathroom, where water and moisture will ruin it in no time.


Wood effect porcelain stoneware will be an excellent alternative, providing your bathroom interior with long-lasting warmth thanks to its durability and moisture resistance.

You can also use it for your kitchen, where it’ll last you a lifetime, making cleaning easy as pie.


Wood effect porcelain stoneware is absolutely safe. It does not absorb dirt and bacteria, does not cause allergies, does not burn, and even in the event of a fire will not release toxic substances either to humans or to the environment. Therefore, it can be used for children’s and medical institutions.



Wood effect tiles feature a design that will make any space more cozy and warm. It reproduces the beauty of natural wood as accurately as possible. The Italon range includes wood effect porcelain stoneware collections for any taste: from the most classic to unusual and original textures. Visually, floor tiles will not be easy to distinguish from their natural prototype.

  • In the Skyfall collection, you will find wood tiles in the classic 20×160 format with oak, larch and rosewood imitation, to create a unique atmosphere anywhere.
  • The Groove collection is presented in four different shades of wood, which allow you to create completely different styles within a single project. Four shades, ranging from light to dark, from gray to multicolor, are available in two formats 20 × 120 cm and 9.5 × 60 cm. Rough and textured, yet warm, wood effect tiles will provide a bright personality to any space.
  • The Room Wood collection reproduces in detail the soft lines of cherry wood veins in 3 unusual colors which will add refinement and sophistication to the interior.
  • Porcelain stoneware from the Loft collection reveals the beauty of oak so realistically that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from natural material. Color contrasting knots and veins make this material exclusive. The textured surface of the 20×160 tiles gives the space warmth and comfort.
  • The Element Wood collection features tiles imitating four precious woods. The pleasant-to-touch surface is ideal for light-filled interiors in warm natural tones.
  • The Maison collection very realistically reproduces the unique look of oiled walnut wood with a pronounced pattern. The velvety surface of the tiles is characterized by soft color heterogeneity and coarse natural fibers.

The unique properties of Wood effect porcelain stoneware allow it to be used in any premises. It is a practical and durable material that does not require much maintenance. If you are looking for where to buy tiles, check out our Dealer Locator. There, you will find all authorized Italon dealers.