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Paint it black

Black has a special place among the shades of natural materials. This noble color will transform any classic or modern interior. Dark shades are always basic and neutral, and interiors featuring black color never go out of fashion and have a special charm.

Italon’s product range includes numerous black tile options: Laurent marble with bright veins from the Charm Extra collection, Black stone with tasteful graphics from the Room series, or Millennium Black minimalistic dark gray concrete. Each of them will be a unique and stylish addition to your home.

In this article, we will share designer tips for creating a cozy black interior that won’t lose its relevance over time.

Expert tips


When choosing dark colors for the living room or bedroom, you probably wonder how to properly design a totally black interior. Is it possible to create an interior entirely in black colors? Designer Tatiana Levina easily answers these questions in her project Bar Lava, which features Surface Steel porcelain stoneware with a blue steel effect.

Another stylish idea is a black kitchen backsplash. In his kitchen-diner project, designer Lev Sarkisyan has used Skyfall Nero Smeraldo porcelain stoneware tiles in the practical 60×120 size to line the kitchen backsplash. The tiles catch the eye with pronounced veins and bold color transitions, while the material’s technical characteristics guarantee ease of care and durability.

Use decors to add variety to the interior and make it more interesting. Designer Anna Polosina has chosen trendy faux metal tiles for her bathroom project, adding the black Terraviva Play Steel wall decor as an accent. The spectacular textured wall with a metallic sheen looks magnificent in the bathroom.


Black floors, walls, and more


Black tiles look bold and brutal in a bathroom of any size and serve as a foundation for other room decors. Materia Titanio porcelain stoneware realistically imitates the texture of slate and will be an impeccable solution for a bathroom design. A dark color scheme will give the space depth and create a relaxing atmosphere.


The sink is one of the main bathroom elements. It should be not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and functional. When designing a stunning black bathroom, don’t forget that the sink should be an extension of the overall room style. Specifically for this, we have developed a line of furniture and sanitary ware called Italon Home. All the products can be customized, meaning you can choose the color, graphic effect, and type of lining surface. For example, the Sahara Noir version of the Fly sink from the Charm Deluxe collection will be an excellent and impressive addition to an interior decorated with the same porcelain stoneware tiles.



Watch out! Maxi size!


When speaking of bold design ideas, it is impossible not to mention large-size porcelain stoneware tiles — a modern global trend also available in Italon’s product range.


The 120×278 maxi size marks a new era of porcelain stoneware use, while the 6 mm thickness is perfect for both wall lining and non-standard use. For example, you could make kitchen countertops and bar counters from porcelain stoneware or use the latter to decorate furniture and bathroom equipment.


If you’re looking for large black porcelain stoneware tiles for your walls, you might like the 120×278 Imperial Black tiles from the Metropolis collection, inspired by the marble from northern Italy. Their deep, rich color, crossed white veins, and the minimum number of joints make for an uncompromising solution for your interior.

In this article, we have introduced you to Italon’s range of dark tiles and told you about modern trends and tricks for using black porcelain tiles indoors. With proper lighting, color contrasts, and a balance of textures, black can take a well-deserved leading role in any interior, making it look expensive and elegant!

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