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6 Must-Haves For Interiors in 2021

Interior customization has become a global trend. Designers are increasingly trying to rely on the special features of each space, without ever taking comfort for granted. But how to create a fashionable interior that will also be cozy? What will be relevant this year? Let’s talk about 6 must-haves for interiors in 2021.



Sustainability is one of the most popular design trends. Nowadays, people are increasingly focused on environmental friendliness and healthy solutions when choosing finishing materials.

In 2021, try to be more environmentally conscious and ditch plastics for your designs.


Consider using porcelain stoneware: a highly performing material that does not absorb bacteria and dirt. It is made of natural components such as kaolin clays, quartz sands and feldspars, as well as pigments to give tiles their colors. The mixture is then pressed at high pressure (5000 t/m2) and fired at high temperatures (>1230°C).


During the production process, porcelain stoneware acquires its unique technical characteristics. Environmental friendliness, practicality, durability, easy maintenance, a vast variety of textures and formats… these are just some of the top qualities that make porcelain stoneware so popular.



Does size matter? When it comes to tiles: yes, it does! The larger the tile format, the fewer the grout joints. Maxi size tiles make it much easier to create monolithic effects on a single surface.


In 2020, Italon introduced its new maxi-size: 120×278. The slabs were created to emphasize the unique beauty of marble and concrete effect tiles from the most popular collections, expanding the scope of application of porcelain stoneware.


Currently, Italon’s catalog includes 120×278 tiles that are 6mm thick in 12 colors: 9 shades of marble effect with Lux finishing, and 3 hues of concrete effect with matt finishing. The 6 mm thickness is convenient when it comes to laying tiles on walls, covering furniture, and manufacturing countertops and bar counters. 120×278 tiles with 6mm thickness are also ideal for facades.


Lo spessore di 6 mm lo rende un materiale perfetto per pavimenti, pareti, mobili, piani di lavoro e banconi da bar, senza dimenticare le facciate degli edifici.



In addition to familiar accessories, you can decorate interiors with textiles.


Now, more than ever, we need soothing vibes in our homes, using materials that instill tranquility.


Textiles are great to achieve that: a warm comforter, decorative pillows with an original pattern, curtains, stylish furniture upholstery…


Choose the most natural, soft and pleasant fabrics like cotton, silk, velvet, or cashmere.


Remember that textiles are a combination of color, graphics and texture, it’s important to choose elements that blend harmoniously with other interior details.



Minimalism is one of the main trends for 2021, so the simpler the better.


Sophisticated furniture with a large number of decorative elements has long been out of fashion. All these non-functional items only overload the interior.


Furniture should be pleasant to the touch, and as comfortable and practical as possible.


In the Italon Home range you will find furniture and sanitary ware made of porcelain stoneware.

Our coffee tables, bookcases, basins, and shower trays will become a stylish addition to any interior.


The trend to minimize visual stress in rooms is also relevant for bathrooms. Minimalist faucets and accessories are the perfect solutions for decorating this room.



The “less is more” principle is especially relevant in 2021!


This is due to the trend towards conscious consumption, and when it comes to home decor you should also try to avoid impulse purchases.


Overloading small interiors will not allow you to relax, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch decors altogether!


Just choose the main accent for a single wall in the room to change the entire vibe of the space.


For example, Grigio Orobico porcelain stoneware from the Charme Deluxe collection recreates the graphics of astonishing marble found in northern Italy.

The harmonious combination of soft gray shades and marble veins makes this color the ideal solution for an absolutely unique interior.



Be unique!


Designers love to use combinations of different styles to pursue a unique ideal in their creations.


However, it is important to make the final result harmonious, because mixing styles does not mean bringing together random elements.


Don’t be afraid to experiment, but be sure to strike a balance.


You could mix ultra-modern interiors and vintage elements, finding the right combination of colors and shades, or combining different textures and materials to find contrast.


You’re not going to regret it!

Porcelain stoneware is, by far, the perfect finishing material for any setting, thanks to its highly performing technical traits, and its stunning aesthetics. The wide range of Italon products will help you choose the most apt materials for your dream interior. You can always visit one of our Italon Experience showrooms to find inspiration and receive professional advice from our expert store managers: they will surely be able to tell you which tiles are suitable for your project depending on your purpose and taste.

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