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7+ Ideas for Decorating a Children’s Bathroom (Part 1)

What should a children’s bathroom look like? Bright and cheerful, with colorful photowall-paper and cartoon characters or, on the contrary, calm and relaxing? There is no correct answer. The idea is to keep your children comfortable and safe, so they can enjoy the space you’ve designed for them on a daily basis.


We have put together a few ideas on how to decorate a children’s bathroom.




This is one of the most practical approaches to decorating a children’s space, leaving “room for growth”. Choose tiles with timeless designs and textures that will always be appropriate. Porcelain stoneware with marble, stone, wood or concrete effect is an excellent base for bright accents.

You can create a specific mood and bring color to the interior with the help of thematic decors and functional accessories.


For example, the playful and bright theme of the jungle was used in a project by Nastasya Tikhomirova; a great idea for a children’s bathroom!


Funny lamps, colorful furniture, bamboo rugs, a wooden stool – these all create a specific mood but can easily be replaced later when the time comes for a more serious interior.


A key role is played by Italon porcelain stoneware: Charme Deluxe Statuario Fantastico 60×120 marble effect with a honed satin finish, Millennium Silver 60×120 concrete effect also with a honed satin finish, and Tatami Honey 20×80 decor with wooden slats effect from the Loft collection.

If the budget for repairs is limited, a children’s bathroom could be decorated with bright posters of their favorite characters, colorful towels and a playful shower curtain.


In addition to the design elements listed above, Anna Lisimova, in one of her projects, has painted furniture and a decorative panel on the wall made of tiles to imitate comic books.


The background for bright accents features Millennium Silver 60×60 concrete-effect porcelain stoneware with a matt finish, for both walls and floors.


Anna Lisimova describes her project: “What distinguishes children from adults? The first thing that comes to mind is their love for the bright, unusual and new. All true for a children’s bathroom as well. But I didn’t want to make it too bright, too colorful in finishing materials.

The trick is to brighten up the room with cabinets, cheerful towels and ducks. Children’s bathroom for a boy to grow. A little childish, a little brutal and a little bright.”

You can add some spark to the children’s interior using colored tiles, as the designers from the 9.4 project studio did.


Minimalistic, dark gray, concrete-effect porcelain stoneware Millennium Black 60×60 with a matt finish, brightened up with Petrolio 25×75 wall tiles from the Element Silk collection in a saturated aqua color and geometric mosaic Cube Cold 30.5×33.


The sophisticated and intense color of Element Silk Petrolio draws attention, and the excellent reproduction of a concrete surface by Millennium Black adds a rugged vibe to the bright interior by the 9.4 project studio.


But that’s not all: there is a poster, colored lights by the mirror, and yellow-painted walls. You can tell that parents let the young guy do everything to his taste.

Another way to create a cheerful interior on a neutral background is to use designer moisture-resistant children’s wallpaper for the bathroom.


Designers from the Paradis studio have created a real tropical experience in a regular bathroom with Flamingo wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


Moisture-resistant wall murals for the bathroom are a great option for creating bright accents.


To make such a solution as practical as possible, be sure to use the proper glue and do not forget about protection: treat the wallpaper with a special coating that will additionally protect it from moisture.


As for the background, porcelain stoneware for the walls and floor was chosen to look like marble but with a modern twist: Charme Deluxe Invisible White 60×120 in a honed satin finish.



“Something not very bright, but not boring and with room for growth…”


Designing a children’s bathroom with an emphasis on geometric patterns is a win-win solution!


The 24×24 Edge multicolor triangle decors from the Element Silk collection let you play with warm and cold tones, creating different combinations in the interior with dimensional and colorful elements.


The versatility of the Edge decors allows you to come up with interesting design solutions that never get boring.


An excellent addition will be the Element Wood wood-effect porcelain stoneware in the 20×120 format with matt finish, or 7.5×30, laid in a herringbone pattern, like parquet.



Letting natural sunlight enter a child’s bathroom is the best thing parents can do for their children. In the southern regions, this is not difficult, but in cities where the sun is not a frequent visitor, an alternative is needed. For example, you can use yellow in your interior design: just like vitamin D, it will fill you with positive energy and brighten up your mood every day! In addition, it is a versatile color that will suit both a boy and a girl.

To create a subtle look with a soft and warm morning sun feel, take a page out of the IQDES design studio’s book.


Their project is based on a combination of snow-white porcelain stoneware with delicate marble veining, Charme Deluxe Bianco Michelangelo 80×160 with lux finish and a warm shade of Loft Magnolia wood-effect tiles 20×160 with matt finish and Tatami Magnolia 20×80 decors.


The protagonist, a sunny Surface Sun 60×120, was placed above the bathtub to provide warmth, as well as on the opposite wall.


This design will be suitable for teens, but also adults who want to start their day in a cheerful setting.

If you want to emphasize yellow and its saturated nature, pair it with a neutral dark texture.


An excellent option can be concrete tiles from the Millennium or Terraviva collections.


The project by Nadezhda Motina features large-format Surface Sun 60×120 porcelain stoneware with a honed satin finish, combined with Terraviva Dark 60×60 porcelain stoneware with a matt finish.


Yellow has many faces, the nature of the interior will depend on what materials you combine it with and in what proportions.


Black plumbing and a loft-style cabinet emphasizes the minimalistic style of the boy’s bathroom.

This bathroom for a girl, designed by the IQDES team, has a less pronounced color contrast, since it uses a lighter shade of Millennium Silver concrete tiles 60×120 with a matt finish.


There are two shades of yellow – bright and rich in the Play Sun 15×15 volumetric wall decor and slightly muted in the Surface Sun 60×120 porcelain stoneware with a honed satin finish.


Have you already decided on yellow?


We should definitely mention an interesting feature of Surface Sun 60×120 porcelain stoneware with a honed satin finish. Its texture is inspired by the beauty of unbaked clay and changes its appearance depending on the light: the bright light makes the honed satin finish of the tile look very smooth and resemble silk, while the dim light, on the contrary, emphasizes its texture.



When planning a space for children of different genders, make sure to use plumbing fixtures that are convenient for the both of them. Be sure to include two separate sinks and two mirrors so that each has its own personal space.

Which is better: a bath or a shower?


There is no definite answer, since everything depends on the size of the room.


And, of course, the main question is – in what color scheme should the room be decorated so that both the boy and the girl can be comfortable?


Designer Svetlana Remizova, used the color scheme of children’s bedrooms to develop a design project for their bathroom.


She combined pink and aquamarine and balanced them with natural shades. A real find was the Element Silk and Element Wood collection of porcelain stoneware and wall tiles, which helped quickly solve the problem.

Contrary to stereotypes that a children’s interior should be bright and cheerful, pink for a girl, and blue or green for a boy, designers from the Paradis studio have developed a stylish, modern design able to make everyone happy.


The interior is based on a laconic combination of Millennium Silver concrete tiles 60×60 with a matt finish, Loft Magnolia 20×160 wood-effect porcelain stoneware with a matt finish and snow-white wall tiles 3D Wave 40×80  from the 3D Experience collection.


And yet, it was not without color at all! To decorate the shower, the designers pitched two finishing scenarios using warm and cold shades: salmon Surface Scarlet 60×120 with a honed satin finish and Marine Surface Ocean 60×120 with a honed satin finish.


Remember, the main advantages of porcelain stoneware are that it is durable, practical and does not need complicated maintenance.


It can be used in bathrooms without worrying that it will quickly lose its aesthetic qualities or will be difficult to clean.

Continue reading the second part of the article “7+ Ideas for Decorating a Children’s Bathroom” to find out how to design a bathroom for a girl, for teenagers, and how to combine an adult’s sink with a children’s one.


Read on and get inspired!