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Design Ideas With the New Metropolis Collection

The Metropolis collection of porcelain stoneware combines the natural beauty of stone with the sophistication of Murano glass. Its diverse color palette can transform any space. In this article, we will share with you ideas for design with the Metropolis collection.




The Metropolis collection is ideal for creating stylish interiors in both commercial and residential spaces. The neutral hue of Royal Ivory 80×80 adds a touch of elegance to this office space. Light, almost airy, graphics visually increase the space without overloading it. The waiting room is a very important area for business contacts and thanks to such design becomes even more conducive to communication. Porcelain stoneware with stone effect Royal Ivory in combination with glossy porcelain stoneware Glass Powder imitating Murano glass on the walls creates a unique and very sophisticated atmosphere.



Light Royal Ivory on the floor, paired with Play Wine wall decor in rich red-burgundy, gives vibrancy to this studio design.


In such a space, you want to create, make plans and hold meetings.


The lacquered surface of the table and the décor with glossy inserts go together perfectly, while the randomized layout of the Play Wine décor creates a unique geometric pattern.


All this adds rhythm to the space.



The most prominent details of this kitchen are the kitchen island, the countertop, the backsplash and the total look floor, all in white porcelain stoneware from the new Metropolis collection in Calacatta Gold, which adds a touch of sophistication to the space.

The countertop was created using a maxi-format 120×278 with a thickness of 6 mm. It is the ideal solution for furniture surfaces since it has minimum grout joints, maximum practicality and uncompromising aesthetics.


The floor is also decorated with Calacatta Gold 80×160 porcelain stoneware. A matt finish is a good choice for the kitchen, since it is very low maintenance, household chemicals cannot damage it and it is very easy to clean. In such a kitchen, you want to cook and receive guests. All the elements together form a creative atmosphere, while leaving the room for imagination.



The minimalist Graphite Dark is perfect for decorating an elegant dining area.


Laconic gray in combination with aristocratic white veins are combined into an original narrative.


To create this interior, we used large-format tiles  80×160.

That approach created the effect of an uninterrupted pattern, revealing the beauty of the graphics of the stone.



How to shift the focus on the individual interior items? By using as a background the exquisite gray stone effect stoneware Absolut Silver. Its warm hue and light graphics are perfect for creating cozy spaces where you would want to spend evenings with a book or having a meaningful conversation. For the interior of this living room, we used tiles in the 80×80 format. The Absolut Silver gray tiles from the new Metropolis collection are capable of giving any space a truly homely atmosphere.



The interior of this living room is distinguished by sophistication and comfort.


A large terracotta corner sofa, brown porcelain tiles on the floor and walls, and luxurious chandelier all together create a unique atmosphere.


The key element here is Arcadia Brown in large format 80×160 on the floor and maxi format 120×278 on the walls.


Arcadia Brown, with its play of shades and smooth veins on a brown-gray background, is able to transform any space.

Seven original shades of stone effect tiles, combined with unique glass effect porcelain tiles and bright decors from the Metropolis collection, will help to implement the most daring design projects. If you want to know more about what’s new for 2022, watch the video in our article “Live Review: The Metropolis Collection

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