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Natural beauty: the use of wood effect tiles in interior design

Eco-style is actively gaining popularity, with designers valuing eco-friendly materials and natural graphics. Porcelain stoneware not only conveys the beauty of wood but also has excellent technical characteristics. It is sustainable, easy to clean, and virtually indistinguishable from its natural prototype. A convincing replica of the exquisite texture of different types of wood with their knots and veins, it can create an atmosphere of harmony in absolutely any space. A large number of sizes, an abundance of colors, and stylish decors can be used to bring to life the most daring ideas.

In this article, we will tell you everything about faux wood tiles. We will also share some fresh design ideas that will help you to create relaxing interiors filled with warmth and comfort.


Five reasons to choose faux wood porcelain stoneware tiles for your project


When choosing a floor covering, note porcelain stoneware’s technical characteristics:

  • Durability, environmental friendliness, and practicality;
  • Strength and resistance to shocks and scratches;
  • Ease of daily care: just wash it with clear warm water;
  • Much cheaper than parquet flooring;
  • A wide range of sizes and original textures suitable for residential interiors and commercial projects.

The impossible is possible


One of porcelain stoneware’s main advantages is its practicality. It’s an excellent solution for interiors where natural wood cannot be used.


The bathroom and wood may seem incompatible because of the presence of water, humidity, and temperature differences. However, faux wood tiles will be an excellent alternative to real wood in the bathroom and will last long thanks to their moisture resistance and durability. In addition, ceramic surfaces are much easier to clean than other materials, and taking care of them is much less arduous.


A striking example is the bathroom project by Kristina Alekseeva, which features a perfect combination of stone and wood: Metropolis Graphite Dark 60×120 faux porcelain granite tiles and Loft Honey 20×160 faux wood tiles. What could be more beautiful than the harmony created by nature itself?

Wood in the interior: design ideas


Faux wood porcelain stoneware tiles have endless usage options. Eco-friendly, practical, and durable, they can decorate any space from a country house front yard to a bathroom and from a private house to a commercial building. Faux wood tiles also work great with floor heating systems. Below you will find several suggestions from designers.



The hallway is the first room we see when we enter an apartment. This small space forms the first impression about the interior of your entire dwelling, so it’s worth putting some extra effort into.

If you love natural colors, faux wood porcelain stoneware tiles are for you. The 1+1 studio’s project is a superb example of how to design a space channeling the creative spirit of its owners.

They have decorated the hallway in the boho style, which is famous for its use of vibrant natural colors. The designers have used 30×120 Mezon Walnut faux wood tiles to create a warm, cozy, and practical interior that will last long and never lose its relevance.



A comfortable bedroom is the key to harmony. Here we spend our free time gathering strength for the new day. Bedroom design is a serious matter, regardless of whether the room will be used by an adult or a little princess.

The interior of a children’s room by designer Veronika Ivanova is filled with tenderness, harmony, and warmth. She has used 20×120 Loft Honey Chevron faux wood tiles, which perfectly match the pastel-colored decor elements.

Porcelain stoneware tiles with a wood effect are the right choice for the bedroom. They are absolutely safe, don’t absorb dirt or bacteria, don’t cause allergies, and, most importantly, are easy to care for. Warm shades will help you relax and fall asleep more easily.



Today, more and more people turn their enclosed balconies into recreational areas. It’s a great solution for big metropolises.


Designer Galina Kutsevolova has created a cozy balcony space using MaisonWalnut faux wood floor tiles in the practical 20X120 size.


Tiles on the balcony are a practical solution that doesn’t require much maintenance. Meanwhile. the comfortable and cozy furniture, soft cushions, and artificial fireplace create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort our everyday lives lack.


A relaxing interior like this one is the perfect place to hang out with friends and family.



The use of porcelain stoneware is not limited to interiors.

Just imagine: nature, a country house, fresh air… Where, if not here, will outdoor faux wood tiles shine in all their splendor and naturalness while maintaining their original look for years?


Thanks to its non-slip grip surface, thickened Natural Life Wood porcelain stoneware from the Italon X2 collection can be used in recreation areas, barbecue zones, and terraces. It will not fade in the sun or lose its unique qualities over time.



Italon porcelain stoneware and tiles are suitable both for cozy houses and comfortable commercial spaces with strict fire safety requirements.

The boutique project features Rum Black Texture 40×80 textured wall tiles, Loft Moorland faux wood tiles, and Chic mosaic with elegant golden elements from the 3D Experience collection.

This minimalistic yet stylish design will leave no one indifferent. The flooring’s unusual gray color draws the eye and fills the luxurious boutique with a unique atmosphere of tranquility for an enjoyable shopping experience.

In which Italon collections can I find wood effect porcelain stoneware?

  • Wonderful Life: Honey, Ash, and Pepper in the 20×160 cm size. Play Wood 30×30 and Tatami 20×80 decors perfectly complement the collection and allow you to create unique designs.
  • Skyfall: Rovere, Lariche, and Palissandro in the 20×160 size.
  • Room Wood: White Wood, Beige Wood, Gray Wood, and Black Wood in the 20×120 cm size.
  • Groove: Milk, Ash, Dark, and Bland. The original tones, transitioning from light to dark and from gray to multicolor, are available in 20×120 and 9.5×60 sizes.
  • Loft: Magnolia, Honey, Oak, Moorland, and Pepper in the 20×160 size. The 20×80 Tatami decor with a wood lath effect decor will create a cozy atmosphere in your space.
  • Element Wood: Acero, Faggio, Olmo, and Mogano in 7.5×30, 20×120, and 60×120 sizes.
  • Maison: Honey, Champaign, Fume, Brandy, and Walnut in 30×120, 20×120, and 15×120 sizes.

In this article, we’ve talked about the use of faux wood porcelain stoneware in interior design and listed the main advantages that make it a great finishing material.  Don’t be afraid to experiment: use bold combinations, combine tones and shades, and don’t forget about decor and furniture. Italon products will help you to create a practical and stylish interior. We recommend buying Italon tiles only from authorized outlets, which you will find in the DEALER LOCATOR section on our official website.