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Summer Season: Vacation House Design Ideas

Have you already started preparing for the summer season? You can create a beautiful, practical and harmonious design for the outside of your country house by choosing high-quality materials of refined appeal.


Italon X2 outdoor floors and covering tiles are 2cm thick and will solve all your summer house problems. Thanks to our collection of products, you can quickly and easily create garden trails, porches, parking spaces, flower beds, gazebos and barbecue areas. A wide range of special products, such as steps, edges, stripe streams and decor blocks, to accomplish unparalleled design solutions and renovate unique settings in your country house, terrace area, and pool.


In this article, we will talk about how to properly organize your backyard and create unforgettable landscapes using outdoor tiles by Italon X2. It’s no secret that materials for outdoor environments should be durable, reliable against weather conditions, frost-resistant, and have anti-slip qualities. Conventional ceramic tiles are not suitable since their technical characteristics do not ensure safety and durability, but you can safely arrange the areas around your house or backyard with thickened Italon X2 porcelain tiles.



When planning your project, it is very important to divide outdoors space in different areas: parking, barbecue, gazebo, terrace, a place for swings, pool, garden, and a flower bed area. This is necessary in order to functionally and practically place all the elements.


It is also necessary to imagine where the garden trails will be located. Avoid straight lines to make your landscape as close to natural as possible; laying Italon X2 tiles on grass or gravel is ideal for garden paths.


To design a terrace, porch or barbecue area, choose a strong and durable material. Despite real wood being beautiful, natural and textured, we do not recommend using it as a floor covering for exteriors. The range of Italon X2 outdoor porcelain tiles includes wood-effect texture that will last for years to come, without wearing down and losing its aesthetic appeal, even in the case of extreme weather, ensuring that the structured surface of your tiles will continue to guarantee a safe walking path.


Undoubtedly, the landscape around your country house will be decorated with plants, which can also be framed using Italon X2 products, to create unique porcelain stoneware flower beds.



A highly performing feature of Italon X2 products is the increased 2 centimeters thickness. An increase in the porcelain tiles’ thickness by 2 times results in a strengthening of their technical characteristics by 3 times. Due to this, the maximum static load on the center of each tile is more than 1 ton. In addition, X2 tiles have a pronounced texture with anti-slip effect, which is important when designing exteriors and pools.

One of the most prevalent trends in contemporary design is the use of materials that faithfully reproduce the texture of natural stone or wood. In fact, natural looking materials harmoniously blend in with your landscape and surroundings, which is why slate, quartzite and wood effect tiles are particularly successful and a great fit for your outdoors.

In 2020, we presented 3 new products:



One of the main advantages of Italon X2 outdoor porcelain stoneware is that it is easier to lay than other outdoor surfaces. Italon X2 can be installed:

  • on grass;
  • on gravel;
  • on screed;
  • on adjustable supports.

By combining different kinds of tiles around the house, you will achieve a unique design, making your outdoors even more impressive.

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