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2021 Trends: Main Colors Of The Year

The Pantone Color Institute named Ultimate Gray and Illuminating the main colors of 2021. The shade of gray was chosen because it is “practical and solid”, while yellow was described as “warming and optimistic”. This combination of colors has been called inspiring and hopeful. According to Pantone, it will best express the mood of the coming year, highlighting how dissimilar elements can come together to complement each other.

In this article, we will tell you in which Italon collections you can find these trendy shades and how to use them to create a unique interior.



The Silver color porcelain stoneware from the Millennium collection is suitable for any design project.


The Millennium collection by Italon opens new horizons in contemporary architecture.


It recreates the effect of hand-crafted concrete, striking with its unique graphics. It is distinguished by an unusual surface and alluring texture.


This concrete effect tile adorns a space where minimalism and emotion coexist.


Gray tiles are perfect for wall and floor decoration, making for a perfect base that can be embellished with other bright elements.


Another important advantage of the Millennium collection is the wide range of formats: 80×80, 80×160 and maxi size porcelain stoneware 120×278, which enables projects with minimum grout joints.



The Gray porcelain stoneware from the Terraviva collection is also a suitable choice for interior decoration this year. It was inspired by traditional Italian terracotta floor tiles. The result is a new and dynamic material that is perfect for design projects of varying complexity.


The source of inspiration of the Terraviva collection is the versatile fired clay tiles. It expands the design possibilities and allows you to create incredibly comfortable interiors. Those who appreciate laconicism in the interior should definitely pay attention to this option. It makes a perfect match with wall tiles in various shades, filling the space with light and comfort. If you need to divide the room into separate functional zones, you can do it with the help of decors.



The Urban collection brings incredible elegance to modern commercial and residential spaces.


Silver porcelain stoneware will be relevant for minimalistic but practical designs.


Due to its color scheme, it will give the interior a soft outline and at the same time will not deprive you of comfort.


There is no need to be afraid that the interior will be too minimalistic or “cold”. It can always be brightened up with all kinds of decorative elements that will give it radiance and warmth.


Gray tiles in combination with materials of unusual shades and decors will make the design unique and will call attention to the impeccable taste of the owners of the premises.



The surface is a container of exclusive materials to be used in combination with Italon collections.


Owing to the choice of surfaces is based on a perfect combination, Italon collections express themselves in an unexpected way, creating even more prestigious and exclusive interpretation.


For example, porcelain stoneware in the Sun shade, 60×120 with honed satin finishing from the Surface collection will serve as a bright accent in any interior.


It will add extra depth to the space.


Every project with Surface gets its own special charm through a unique combination of original shades and bright accents, creating a soothing atmosphere to hide from the city hustle.



Senape wall tiles, 40×80, from the Terraviva collection will fill the space with warmth and comfort.


These tiles allow you to soften up excessively rigid interiors and add more colors to the room, adding an interesting and elegant design element.


They are a great match for other shades of porcelain stoneware when you wish to create a play of contrast.


The Terraviva collection allows for the implementation of extraordinary artistic ideas that make for a trendy urban interior, providing comfort without taking from the sophisticated nature of your solution.


These tiles are incredibly unique, but at the same time in line with current trends.



The Play wall decor in its Sun shade, 15×15 from the Millennium collection, will brighten up any monochrome design.


Such luminous elements attract a lot of attention, so be sure to combine them with a solid monotone background.


That way the interior will be refined and not too flashy. Materials of various colors and textures perfectly complement each other, without narrowing down or cluttering up space.


Yellow decors create a beautiful visual effect, making your setting truly stand out.


A perfect synergy of minimalism and texture that will take your bathroom or living room to a new level of beauty.

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating make for a great combination if you wish to have a bright design that lightens up the room and the mood. The wide range of Italon products will allow you to easily find the right surface for your projects, and you can always visit an Italon Experience showroom to get some help from our specialists and find the best tiles for your purpose.


You can find all the information about the stores closest to you in the Showroom section! We’d also like to remind you that the textures of all materials for rendering are available for download in the Architalon.