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Loft: wood sensations

The Nordic philosophy regarding the culture of wood gains a fresh twist with Loft by Italon. The new collection of oak wood effect porcelain stoneware realistically recreates the beauty of the natural material and complements it with white three-dimensional coverings which make the interiors very sophisticated.

Loft shows the beauty of natural wood with all its nuances. The collection is available in 5 stylish colors:

  • Magnolia,
  • Honey,
  • Oak,
  • Moorland,
  • Pepper.
italon плитка под дерево италон коллекция лофт керамогранит под дерево коричневая плитка серая плитка

The presence of gnarls and grain effects creates a striking color contrast that enhances the exclusive appeal of the material. The textured surface gives the space warmth and coziness. It is possible to buy wood effect porcelain stoneware in the new 20×160 size. Its range is complemented by the decors of Tatami 20×80 and Chevron 20×160.

At the same time, natural details are perfectly combined with modern decorative elements in the form of three-dimensional patterns.


3D Experience is the new 3D surface project featuring Italon white monoporosa tiles.


It derives from the study of the movement of natural elements, turning them into continuous, modular architectural shapes.


The tile comes in the new 40×80 size and in 5 items:


  • a smooth base tile, to create simple walls with a restful allure,
  • three textured tiles with a graceful, flowing effect,
  • a multi-face textured tile.


The three-dimensional patterns bring a lively touch of energy to walls, with surfaces seductive to the touch thanks to the extraordinary soft skin effect.


Pure white creates vibrant walls with continuous, three-dimensional geometries that embellish the nuances of the wood, which in turn engage with a feather-light, dynamic essence to shape atmospheres with an innately light allure.

You can buy the new Loft collection in our online store or from authorized dealers. Read more in the article about the special section “Dealer Locator” on our website!