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Next stop: shower area

The bathroom is a special space in your house. Here you can relax, spend some time alone, and get some energy back after a long day of work. It usually takes a lot of time for the floor and wall tiles, mirrors, sanitary ware, lighting, and decor — essentially, all the elements of your bathroom interior — to “befriend” each other and create a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort. However, a beautiful interior needs to be practical and thought out to the smallest detail, so your work on a stylish and functional bathroom begins with this article.


A large small bathroom


What if your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of space? Does it mean you have to say goodbye to the latest interior design trends and settle for something boring? Of course not! In a small space, every square meter and interior feature is special. There are two main rules to keep in mind: use the available space wisely and follow the latest interior design and home decor ideas and trends.

Valeria Romanovskaya and Karina Yeremina, designers from Kaliningrad, have also followed these rules when designing a guest restroom. Of course, one of their main helpers was the impeccable Metropolis, a collection inspired by natural stones from around the world.

Another interesting and unusual decision by designer Ksenia Yablonskaya was to use a combination of different textures for a bathroom with a shower area: the warm “hand-treated” concrete, the Play Bronze decor with metallic shine from the Traviva collection, and the cozy Loft wood.

Another great example of a small bathroom is a project by the Deus of House interior design studio. The authors of the project commented on their choice as follows, “Ideally, you install a bathtub and a shower, but if the space is limited, you have to choose.” Everything has come together in this project: the light Contempora Pure faux stone tiles with a silk patinated surface and the brutal concrete in the lightest Pure shade from the Millennium collection.

Our official distributors Italon Noginsk also like the Millennium series, but they have chosen the dark graphite Black color for their bathroom project. To make the floor in the shower a natural continuation of the overall interior concept, our partners have installed a shower tray made from Italon porcelain stoneware. Now the bathroom is definitely ready to welcome the house owners.


You can find more tips for decorating a tiny bathroom in our article Useful Tips for Designing a Small Bathroom.


Where can I buy a porcelain stoneware shower tray?


As we have already mentioned, a porcelain stoneware shower tray will be a perfect addition to a small bathroom. It performs several functions at once: it saves space, looks compact, neat, modern, and stylish, complements the interior, and, above all, is durable, safe, and resistant to external influences. Italon has a specialized line of porcelain stoneware furniture and sanitary ware called Italon Home, for which we have designed the Diamond collection shower trays.

Another unique feature of these products is the option to customize them. For example, you can make your shower tray the same color as the floor or wall tiles for the interior to look monochrome and holistic.

To create a bright accent, choose a contrasting shade for the shower tray to emphasize its character and personality. A shower tray is an uncompromising option for a functional bathroom and a practical solution that will stand the trial of time.

The Diamond shower trays from the Italon Home range are available in three sizes: 80, 100, and 120 cm. All three models are 80 cm long. Their surface is gently sloped towards the drain so the water can flow out freely. There is also a removable part for access to the drain. All this makes our shower trays easy to care for and clean.

They come with Silfra siphon drains made in Italy. Porcelain stoneware trays are probably the best solution for the shower area. They have better aesthetic and technical characteristics than their acrylic, enamel, plastic, or artificial stone counterparts.

What are Italon Home shower trays made of?


Italon Home porcelain stoneware trays are made from extruded polystyrene foam boards reinforced from both sides. The material’s high insulating properties give it a number of advantages:

  • Low thermal conductivity over a long period of time
  • High mechanical strength
  • Zero moisture absorption
  • Long service life
  • High resistance to vapor permeation

Extruded boards are environmentally friendly, odorless, and do not cause skin irritation.

We hope that our bathroom decor tips and advice will help you to create a harmonious space and that the Italon Home porcelain stoneware shower tray, a know-how of the ceramics industry, will make your interior unique and complete.

You can browse, customize, and order Italon Home shower trays in Italon Experience mono-brand showrooms. Go to the DEALER LOCATOR section to find the showroom nearest you. Please note that Italon Home products take up to four weeks to manufacture, so we advise you to plan your purchase in advance.